Using air duct chemicals to treat the ducts can be helpful in the case of smoke odors in Odor Kill, or needing to get rid of mold, and mildew with Envirocon.

Chemical 32oz Multi Pack – 12 Pack

The contractor chemical multi pack is a great way to experience the cleaners and deodorizers that Air-Care offers.  


3ea Washable Air Filter Cleaner

3ea Washable Air Filter Deodorizer

3ea Coil Brite II

3ea Dynamite

Chemical Multi Pack


1 Gallon of Soot Set

1 Gallon of Ultra Odor Kill

1 Gallon EnviroCON 

32oz of Coil Brite II

32oz of Dynamite

Coil Brite II 1 Gallon Ready To Use

Coil Brite II is a ready to use non-acid cleaner for aluminum coils and fins in heating and air conditioning systems.

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Dynamite 32oz Single Bottle

Heavy-duty super strength concentrate cleaner, specifically designed for cleaning vents, registers and air ducts.



EnviroCon is highly-effective in eliminating odor-causing microorganisms as well as mold, mildew and bacterial growth.  Please note that this product is lightly scented.


Liquid Ultra Odor Kill

This product is a high performance concentrate material, especially formulated to deal with problem odors. This product has a light fresh scent.



OXINE-AD comes in a 12 pack of 3.25 oz. concentrate and 12 ea 10 gram activator packs (1 – 3.25 oz. concentrate and 1 – 10 gram activator pack is mixed with one gallon of water).

EPA Registered
. Oxine-AD should be used with the Max Fogger

Smoke Odor Kill

Smoke Odor Kill solution detoxifies the fire damaged environment by inhibiting the evaporation of fire related gases.

***Final price adjustments will be reflected in the cart.