OXINE-AD® Chemical Disinfectant

OXINE-AD comes in a 12 pack of 3.25 oz. concentrate and 12 ea 10 gram activator packs (1 – 3.25 oz. concentrate and 1 – 10 gram activator pack is mixed with one gallon of water).

EPA Registered
. Oxine-AD should be used with the Max Fogger

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OXINE-AD® is an EPA Registered chemical disinfectant.

Download the OXINE-AD® SDS Sheet HERE (Must be logged in to view)

In addition to its EPA registration, OXINE-AD® is approved by the FDA and USDA to ensure the user of its efficacy and safety.

One of OXINE-AD’s trademarks qualities is its safety rating by the EPA due to its low toxicity. Rated as a category III, OXINE-AD® does not leave an active chemical residue, and quickly degrades to simple table salt.

OXINE-AD® does not use any propellants or flammable ingredients, enhancing its safety qualities.

OXINE-AD® is a no-rinse product, making it very easy to apply. Once OXINE-AD® is applied, it dries residue-free.


OXINE-AD® should be applied by the applicator wearing a NIOSH-MSHA approved respirator with an Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge. Secure proper respiratory and eye wear protection prior to activation.

1. Pour 3.25 fl. oz. of OXINE® concentrate into a suitable mixing container.

2. Add 10 grams of OXINE® activator crystals to the OXINE® concentrate.

3. Mix and let stand for 5 minutes before dilution.

4. Prepare solution in a well-ventilated area. Avoid breathing fumes that may be produced while crystals are dissolving.

5. After mixing, add one gallon of clean water to the activated OXINE® solution. Final use solution is 500 ppm. Mixed solution is good for up to one week when stored in a closed container away from direct sunlight.

SKU: CH0046

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