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Why Choose Air-Care?

Revolutionizing the air duct cleaning industry for over 40 years, Air-Care enhances air quality in homes and businesses. We empower entrepreneurs through comprehensive training programs, covering technical aspects, marketing, and pricing strategies. Moreover, we’re dedicated to your success, providing lifetime support and cutting-edge equipment like electrostatic air filters and the innovative Max Fogger. Consequently, these tools are designed not only for cleaning but for ensuring healthier living and working environments.

Air-Care Features

• A Full Line of High Quality, Professional
• Air duct Cleaning Systems
• Training Programs
• Long Term Support
• A National Network of Air Duct Cleaners
• Equipment Leasing Programs
• U.S. and International Contractor Inquiries Welcome

Air-Care Benefits

• Gain unlimited earnings
• Realize a 50 – 70% net profit
• Operate with a low overhead
• Offer your existing and potential customers clean indoor air
• Use existing carpet cleaning equipment to add duct cleaning services
• Start your own business for under 10K

Equipment Choice

Air-Care provides a versatile selection of affordable, high-performance air duct cleaning equipment, ideal for newcomers and experienced professionals alike. We also offer personalized guidance to help you select equipment tailored to your needs, ensuring durability and effectiveness for long-term success.

Training Available

Ensure Excellence: Opt for a company that offers extensive air duct cleaning video training. Air-Care provides in-depth training across all business facets—equipment use, residential and commercial cleaning, and crucial marketing and pricing strategies. Moreover, as our client, you’ll receive lifetime support for project queries, quoting assistance, and equipment upkeep. Remember, we’re just a call away whenever you need help.


Consider This: We advise exploring the market thoroughly, but be sure to make Air-Care your final stop. This strategy highlights the inflated prices elsewhere and helps you appreciate the value we offer. Indeed, we pride ourselves on providing competitively priced filters and equipment, balancing quality and affordability to ensure you receive the best value for your investment.


Keep in Mind: “The bitterness of poor customer service lingers far beyond the sweetness of a low price.” At Air-Care, a dedicated team is ready to assist with every need—from selecting the right equipment to understanding job protocols and from estimating to pricing. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and success in every aspect of your business.

Air-Care Business Opportunity FAQs

Q: What are the main features of the Air-Care business opportunity?
A: A full line of high-quality, professional air duct cleaning systems, training programs, long-term support, a national network, and equipment leasing.
Q: The benefits of starting a duct cleaning business with Air-Care?
A: Potential for unlimited earnings, 50-70% net profit, low overhead, clean indoor air services, use existing equipment for new services, and start for under $10,000.
Q: What training does Air-Care provide?
A: Comprehensive training in equipment use, procedures, marketing, and pricing, with lifetime support.
Q: Does Air-Care offer a variety of equipment choices?
A: Yes, A range designed for both startups and professionals handling large projects.
Q: How does Air-Care ensure competitive pricing?
A: Best-in-market pricing with financing options available.
Q: Is there any financing option available for purchasing equipment?
A: Yes, leasing options through

Financing Available

Message from our President

air-care's richard papaleo president image
Richard Papaleo - President, Air-Care

Thank you for your interest in our Air-Care Program. I think most of you are aware of the extreme growth of our industry and all you need to do is look at the newspaper or listen to the local news regarding the subject of indoor air quality. The sleeping giant has awakened and everyone who is involved in this industry should prosper.

Being prepared and trained in this discipline is essential to your success. Only the professional companies will survive the long term. It is our objective and mission to offer services and products to help you become that professional and to achieve your individual goals.

This year will in my opinion be a benchmark year for the indoor air quality industry. This is the year where people who are intended to be involved in this unique subject area need to get a position of strength and identity and that is exactly what our goal is. We hope we can help you achieve that same objective. If you are serious, we suggest you get started now! We look forward to hearing from you soon.