Four Duct Cleaning Chemicals 32oz Contractor Multi Pack

The contractor chemical multi pack is a great way to experience the cleaners and deodorizers that Air-Care offers.  


3ea Washable Air Filter Cleaner

3ea Washable Air Filter Deodorizer

3ea Coil Brite II

3ea Dynamite

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The Washable Filter Cleaner is the perfect product to keep your Permanent Washable Air Filters clean, efficient and effective. A Washable Filter is most effective when clean and free of films that can be left by soap, cooking, tobacco smoke or household spray products.

The Washable Filter Deodorizer spray is a high-performance concentrate spray, specially formulated to deal with problem odors. This should be sprayed onto the Washable Filter after cleaning.  Once evaporated, the total effect is lending a fresh fragrance to stale air and killing lingering odors. This product has a light fresh scent.

Coil Brite II is a ready to use non-acid cleaner for aluminum coils and fins in heating and air conditioning systems. A light spray of this product on the coils or fins will give them a thorough cleaning.  For heavily soiled coils, more than one application may be required with rinsing in between applications.

Dynamite Heavy-duty super strength concentrate cleaner, specifically designed for cleaning vents, registers and air ducts. This product will work very effectively on all washable surfaces.


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Weight 28.25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in