Unlock New Revenue Streams with Our Upsell Products

group shot of deodorizer, filter cleaner, ac latch, uvc max 25, kool-wrap, and silver 88 filter

Step up your game with our contractor upsell products. These products include industry-leading tools to enhance residential and commercial air systems, modern germ-killing powerhouses like our revolutionary UVC Max 25 purifier and our premium/washable air filter, which never needs replacing. These are ideal for contractors looking to broaden their market reach and increase profitability, these products ensure you’re ready to meet the growing demand for healthier indoor environments.

Upselling is a powerful sales technique that involves offering your customers new or improved products that enhance the service you are providing…maximizing both their satisfaction and your profit.

Contractors can purchase these products and resell them to homeowners and businesses at the retail price, effectively doubling their investment. By upselling, you not only provide additional value to your clients by improving their overall air quality and system efficiency, but you also significantly increase your businesses’ revenue. It’s a win-win situation where your clients enjoy superior products and services, and you boost your profitability with minimal extra effort.

Potential Income for Upsell Products

• "Your cost" means the amount you pay to buy the product.
• "Your customer pays" means the amount you charge your customer when you sell the product.
• The income is based on selling one of that product, per job, at two jobs per day.
(Example: You sell two filters per day, after one five day week you will have gained $318 in income.)
• These are only estimated sales numbers, your final sales numbers may be different
• Not included are any installation fees you may charge for installing the Kool-Wrap, UVC Max 25, or AC Latch.

ProductYour CostYour Customer Pays1 Week1 Month 1 Year
Permanent/Washable Filter$31.86$63.72$318.6$1,274.4$15,292.80
UVC Max 25$98.95$197.9$989.5$3,958$4,7496
AC Latch$16.19$32.38$161.9$647.6$7,771.20
Filter Cleaner$27.45$54.9$274.5$1,098$13,176
Filter Deodorizer$27.45$54.9$274.5$1,098$13,176


silver 88 permanent and washable home air filter

Permanent/Washable Filters

Our best-selling home air filter is your key to upselling profits. You are cleaning the ducts, so why not present a new way for your customers to save money each month with a permanent air filter?

UVC Max 25 box art

UVC Max 25 Whole House Purifier

An excellent upsell opportunity to provide your customers with extra protection against germs and other contaminants. For extra profits provide installation for the customer. A win-win for everyone!

kool-wrap box art

Kool-Wrap Air Conditioner Filter

Provide your customer with a way of protecting their outside air conditioner with a protective wrap that can be installed in minutes! A great add-on for your duct cleaning visit.

ac latch packaging image

AC Latch Vent Latch Replacement

You will be encountering vents that have broken latches. The solution is our AC Latch, vent latch replacements. A small, but profitable upsell for your business.

filter cleaner bottle

Air-Care’s Filter Cleaner

Created for our permanent/washable air filters, our filter cleaner helps your customer keep their new filter clean. Every 3-6 months they should wash their filter and use the filter cleaner for any stubborn stains or dirt.

filter deodorizer bottle

Air-Care’s Filter Deodorizing Spray

A thorough cleaning is topped off by using our deodorizing spray for a fresh, clean smell throughout the house.

Brochures to Help You Sell!

Not everyone is a natural-born sales person. So we have created brochures for your technicians to help sell these profit makers. Each brochure will have your business name and contact information, as well as detailed information about the products and services.