Kool-Wrap Air Conditioner Filter

Kool-Wrap will assist in helping your condenser/air conditioner from clogging.  Kool-Wrap is an easy to install, wrap around filter that will save hundreds on energy bills and thousands on repairs.


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Kool-Wrap is available in a universal, cut-to-fit style. Kool-Wrap measures 39”x145”, shipped lightly folded in a 20″x20″x1″ box, and comes with (3) strong magnets for secure placement.

Prevent your air conditioner from clogging by using the easy to install, wrap around, coil protecting Kool Wrap and save hundreds on energy bills and thousands on repairs. The 1 size fits all filters will keep your equipment clean from bugs, dirt, leaves and other debris that clogs air conditioner fins, restricting air flow which leads to compressor breakdown and lost cooling efficiency.

Universal fit for all outdoor air conditioning units to defend your condenser coils from harmful debris such as dust, pet hair, cotton wood and other particulates
UV protected material
Easy to clean
90 Day manufacturer’s warranty

Install instructions
Simply wrap your Kool Wrap around the AC unit, allow 2 extra inches when measuring. Trim off the excess material and secure with included magnets. Trim off excess filter material with scissors.

For more on installing Kool-Wrap please see our easy 4-step Installation guide.

SKU: KW0004

Additional information

Weight2.45 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 1 in