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Includes the TurboJet SuperMAX Negative Air Machine, 25 ft Mylar Hose with 2 straps, Fogger, Chemical Multi-Pack (4 Gal), Pogo Pole Hose Adapter, Cobra 5 Power Brush, Online Training, Marketing Kit, Foam Register Plugs (14 pcs), Pellon Filters (12 pcs), Fwd/Rev Air Whisk, Sidewinder, DuctMaster, HEPA Back Pack Vac, 2” x 35’ Hose w/ Brush & Motor Assembly, 12″ Bristle-Pack, 18″ Bristle-Pack, Dryer Vent Accessory Kit, Duct Inspection Camera, Discounted LIVE Training

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Product Description

Part # Picture Product
FG0130 TurboJet SuperMax
FG0194 Cobra 6 Power Brush System
FG0015 Forward & Reverse Air Whisk
(Compressor will be needed for operation we recommend using: 2HP 125 PSI 6 CFM)
FG0030 Sidewinder Hose Assembly
(Compressor will be needed for operation we recommend using: 2 Stage 175 PSI 14-25 CFM)
FG0038 Pogo Pole Hose Adapter (12”)
FG0013 25 ft Light Duty Mylar Hose (Includes 2 Velcro Straps)
FG0090 DuctMaster III System
(Includes Dryer Vent Accessory Kit and 1 ½ ” X 35’ DuctMaster Hose w/Brush & Motor Assembly)
FG0075 2” x 35’ DuctMaster Hose w/ Brush & Motor Assembly
FG0174 Air-Care Dual Tank Fogger
FG0069 HEPA Back Pack Vacuum
SACH0009 Chemical Multi Pack (1 Gal. of ea. Odor Kill, EnviroCon, Dynamite, Soot Set)
FG0198 VIS Bronze VIS Bronze – Tablet Based Camera System
FG0050 Foam Register Plugs – 14 pcs./pkg.
SAO0079 Pellon Filters –12 pcs./pkg.
SAXM0002 brush 12″ Pancake Delrin Brush for DuctMaster (5 Pack)
BA0006 Flex-E Bristles, 18″ Standard
BA0003 Bristles, 18″ .032″ Level, Black
MM0158 Marketing Kit
MM0189 Online Training Residential & Commercial Online Training

Additional Information

Weight 663
Dimensions 34 x 49 x 23 in
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