Chemical 32oz Multi Pack – 12 Pack

The contractor chemical multi pack is a great way to experience the cleaners and deodorizers that Air-Care offers.  


3ea C.E.F

3ea U.O.K.

3ea Coil Brite II

3ea Dynamite

Chemical Multi Pack


1 Gallon of Soot Set

1 Gallon of Ultra Odor Kill

1 Gallon EnviroCON 

32oz of Coil Brite II

32oz of Dynamite

Coil and Carry

The coil and carry handle strap makes transporting hoses and cables a snap…literally! Just snap the coil and carry around a hose or cable to easily load it in and out of your truck or carry it into your customer’s home or building. Hose not included.

***Final price adjustments will be reflected in the cart.

DuctMaster III – Gold Package – Call Us For Your Pricing!

The DuctMaster is a high-performance contact cleaning machine, featuring a fast-spinning motorized brush, up to four 7-amp motors, and a dual-stage filtration system. With 12” heavy-duty wheels, remote control, and a lightweight, high-torque motor, it provides efficient, comprehensive duct cleaning in a compact, easy-to-maneuver design