Pricing Contact Cleaning & Negative Air Cleaning

Pricing Contact Cleaning & Negative Air Cleaning

maryAs you are well aware, there are two different ways to do duct cleaning.  One is using contact cleaning which is where you are disturbing and collecting the debris from the same point.  The other is negative air, which is where you are hooking up a negative air machine to the main supply, blocking all the other openings and disturbing the debris by brushing or using compressed air.  Each way works well depending on the situation or the configuration of the ducts and how dirty they are.  They both have their benefits.  They also take varying times for cleaning.

When you are using negative air, the prep time is a little higher.  If you are using “flat rate” pricing to determine your charge, you would have to charge more for this service, because you are going to be there longer.  That is why we use “negative air” as an upgrade to the customer.  In advertising, remember to be specific in your offer.  You want to point out what equipment or method you are going to use for that listed price.  This will allow you to present an upgrade to using negative air vs. contact cleaning and give them the benefits.

pogo poleIt takes us approximately 1 ½ hours to do a basic service using the contact cleaning method on an average size home.  It would take us about 2 ¼ hours if we were using negative air.  So with these times, you can see, we would have to charge more for the negative air cleaning.  You can apply the same logic if you were pricing a full service job.

With “flat rate” pricing it is always based on how much time it takes you to complete the service.  This allows you to make the amount of profit that is needed for your business.  Once you establish what you need to make per hour to cover your expenses, overhead and profit, you can establish a price list with all the services listed and the price for them.

Be honest in your advertising and you will win.  Advertising makes the phone ring.  Make sure you can live with the numbers that you advertise.

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