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In-Corridor Anteroom or Abatement Door Is Used to Create A Temporary Emergency Barrier to Secure or Isolate an Area from Infectious Patients for Healthcare Facilities, or Asbestos & Lead Contaminants in Construction Zoned Areas.
The Bio Room Portable Anteroom Door was designed for temporary emergency use as an in-corridor anteroom to provide transitional barrier space and maintain a proper pressure sealed state between a patient room, facility area, or pharmacy clean room and the corridor. It is ideal for use in surge capacity applications where infectious patients or any area needing containment may require short term isolation in rooms.
There are many terms used for Anterooms. Common terms used for example are Antechamber, Entryway Room, Narthex, Entrance Hall, or Waiting Room Entry. The Bio Room was designed to be versatile enough to use for any Anteroom need. It is Heavy Duty and yet easy to set-up and take down.