Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Training

On Demand Video Training.  Learn residential and commercial duct cleaning with the new Air-Care On Demand Video Training Series.  Training includes downloadable resource documents to help you achieve success in your duct cleaning business.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Our ‘Residential Training’ video covers a variety of topics in residential duct cleaning, from communicating with the customer to setting up a Pogo Pole.

This video covers the following topics:

• Starting the Job
• Upselling Products
• Pre-service Checklist
• Preparing for Cleaning
• Cleaning Grilles and Vents

• Negative Air Cleaning
• Contact Cleaning
• Dryer Duct Cleaning
• Air Handler
• Fogging, and More!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning course will take your business to the next step in duct cleaning. Commercial jobs can take your business to a whole new level with the right knowledge and dedication. In this eleven video series we will go in depth into everything about commercial cleaning we have learned over the years, from what are the different types commercial systems to business tips we’ve experienced.

Commercial Training Course Lesson #1: FREE!


• What are Commercial Air Systems?
• Heat Exchange 101
• Packaged Air Systems
• Split Air Systems
• Make-Up Air Systems
• Evaporative Coolers
• Aluminum Ducts
• Mylar Ducts
• Steel Ducts
• Stilted Ducts
• Insulated Ducts
• Ductboard Ducts
• Variable Air Volume Boxes
• Dampers
• Grilles
• Vents
• Registers
• Non-Removeable Vents and Grilles
• Diffusers
• Scale Rulers
• Highlighted Blueprints
• Using Blueprints to Plan Cleaning Strategy

• Drills
• Shears
• Sheet Metal Patches
• Duct Sealant
• Correct Tape for Sealing Ducts
• Self-Tapping Screws
• Access Doors
• Why access holes
• Accessing and Patching Metal Ducts
• Accessing and Patching Insulated Ducts
• Accessing and Duct Board Ducts
• Accessing Exterior Ducts
• Where to Place Access Holes
• Tips and Tricks
• What are Blueprints?
• The Scope of Work
• Index Sheet
• Page Notes
• Blueprint Legends
• Blueprint Symbols
• Planning the Job
• Preparation
• Walk-In Air Handlers

• Open Plenums
• Work Hours Based on Client Schedule
• Cleaning Steps
• Lock Out/Tag Out Safety
• Strategic Cleaning
• Tips and Suggestions
• Using Blueprints
• Preparation
• Steps in Cleaning
• Outside Air Vents
• Businesses that Use Exhaust Systems
• Cleaning a Laundry Exhaust
• Cleaning a Hotel Laundry Exhaust
• Cleaning Bathroom Exhausts
• Exhaust Cleaning Tips

• Who are Your Customers?
• Setting Your Shop Rate
• Subcontracting Opportunities
• Estimating Commercial Jobs
• Estimating Examples
• Terms and Conditions
• Walk-Thru Inspections
• Writing Quotes


These resource documents will provide you with templates to help manage your duct cleaning business. The following are included WORD & PDF files (of the WORD documents):

• Air system 14 point inspection • Benefits of air system cleaning • Benefits of filter service • Blank memo form • Blank scope of work • Commercial maintenance service contract • Filter service contract • Gift certificate • Inspection letter • Insurance adjustment intro letter • Prop management intro letter • Prospect follow up form • Purchase requisition form • Commercial quote blank • Credit card authorization • Residential filter service contract • Residential maintenance service contract • Residential survey • Sample intro letter • Sample intro letter ANY BUSINESS version 1 • Sample intro letter ANY BUSINESS version 2 • Sample work order • Service checklist • Service checklist version 2 • Service department chemicals instructions • Service department policies • Service tech pay ranges • Time sheet exceptions • Tool and equipment receipt form • Yellowpage ad samples

EXCEL Documents Included:

• Commercial job time sheet • Daily log sheet techs • Expense report blank • Follow up sheet blank • Job cost blank worksheet • Service dept call log sheet • Weekly commission worksheet