Pogo Pole Hose Adapter 12″

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The Pogo Pole hose adapter is the quickest way to attach an Air-Care Turbojet or other brand negative air machine to a ceiling or wall duct.

The pogo pole is only sold as a set. Plate and pole CANNOT be purchased individually.

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The 20″ x 20″ molded poly adapter plate has a 2″ foam seal that will protect delicate walls and ceilings during cleaning. The pole is spring-loaded and has adjustable height to provide gentle, yet firm, pressure on most ceilings or wall connections and will often work well on acoustic drop ceiling vents. The durable molded poly adapter plate has a 4” access plug for Cobra brush air tools. for Cobra brush or air tools. This tool will save valuable time making the duct connection and is easily moved to a new location in less than a minute. The Pogo Pole is adjustable for 5.5 to 12 foot ceilings and the plate swivels 45 degrees in both directions for placing it on high-mounted wall duct openings. The bottom of the pole has an anti-slip protective rubber foot for tile and vinyl floors. The Pogo Pole hose adapter has a 12” collar that mates with the 12” Light Duty Mylar hose assembly.

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SKU: FG0038

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Weight 10.2 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 8 in