Max Fogger User Guide

1) The Max Fogger is an easy to use portable fogger

2) Foggers work by dispensing a fine mist that fill a room and can penetrate hard to reach areas.

3) The Max Fogger will work with any water-based chemical of your choice

4) Please read all use and warning labels on the bottle.

5) Pour in­­ the amount of disinfectant you would like to use. The Max Fogger Single holds 1.5 gallons of liquid.

6) With the Fogger nozzle turned to the OFF position, turn on the fogger using the on and off switch.

7) The fogger can deliver different amounts of chemicals. With the nozzle pointed away from you, turn the nozzle dial counterclockwise to increase the amount of fog.Turn it clockwise to lessen the amount of fog, or all the way clockwise to turn off the nozzle.

8) The fogger will dispense tiny droplets of disinfectant in the direction you point.

9) When fogging is complete, it is important set the nozzle to OFF BEFORE YOU TURN OFF THE FOGGER.

10) Empty any remaining chemical in the fogger.