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Trademark Guidelines

The AIR-CARE company name and trademarks are synonymous with high-quality duct cleaning equipment, air filters, cleaning preparations and related products and services that ensure high-quality indoor air in commercial and residential environments. The AIR-CARE trademarks are extremely valuable because they represent the standards of excellence and consistent quality associated with AIR-CARE. This page contains detailed information about how our authorized clients and vendors must refer to the AIR-CARE trademarks in different scenarios.

I. Using AIR-CARE Trademarks in Text Proper use of AIR-CARE trademarks is important. You may use AIR-CARE trademarks or product names to refer to AIR-CARE products and services provided you follow these guidelines. Your use must not mislead consumers as to any AIR-CARE sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, or of your products or services.

A.  Properly Identify AIR-CARE Brand Products When referring to AIR-CARE products and/or services, apply the appropriate trademark symbols in accordance with the list of current AIR-CARE trademarks. The current list of AIR-CARE trademarks, and the appropriate symbol to use after each, is as follows:

  • logo

B. Set AIR-CARE Trademarks Apart from Other Words or Nouns They Modify The common way to set trademarks apart from other words or nouns is to capitalize the product name and use the appropriate trademark symbol and appropriate descriptor. You may also use underlining, italic type, bold type, or all capital letters, in conjunction with the appropriate trademark symbol, for the name.

C. Use Trademark Notices Include an attribution of AIR-CARE ownership of the trademark(s) in the credit notice section of your documentation or advertisement. Follow this format:

  • AIR-CARE and AIR-CARE INDOOR AIR QUALITY SPECIALISTS are either registered trademarks or trademarks of AIR-CARE (D.P.L. Enterprises, Inc.) in the United States and/or other countries.

D. Do Not Use Inappropriate Descriptors The AIR-CARE trademarks identify specific products and services. Do not refer to products, services, equipment or machinery that work with AIR-CARE products incorrectly. For example, do not refer to products or services that work with AIR-CARE equipment as if they are genuine AIR-CARE products. If necessary, these types of products can be referred to by their relationship to the AIR-CARE equipment, by using the word “compatible” in connection with the AIR-CARE mark and the type of product designed to work with the AIR-CARE equipment. For example, you can state that your product is “AIR-CARE compatible.”

II. Additional Guidelines for Advertising Collateral, Marketing, and Product Packaging You may use the AIR-CARE trademarks on products and services on packaging, on Websites, and in advertising materials to indicate your product or service’s compatibility with or use of a specific AIR-CARE product or service, provided the reference complies with the guidelines herein and the specifications below.

A. Compatibility Use of any AIR-CARE trademark to indicate compatibility must be pursuant to the following terms:

  • You may use AIR-CARE trademarks in referential phrases such as “Works with AIR-CARE,” “Is compatible with AIR-CARE,” and “For use with AIR-CARE.”
  • Do not use any AIR-CARE trademarks as your product name, service name, or company name.
  • Do not use product, service, or company names that could be confused with any AIR-CARE trademark.
  • Do not mimic or copy AIR-CARE product packaging, advertising, or trade dress.
  • Do not use AIR-CARE trademarks more prominently than your product or service name. You should maintain a visual Do not create or use any logos that include an AIR-CARE trademark unless your use is pursuant to a license from AIR-CARE.

B. Link Logos You may place a text link to an AIR-CARE Webpage on your site if the text link is not a prominent feature on the site and is not used in a way that could confuse or mislead consumers. You may refer to the AIR-CARE company name and trademarks in a plain text font and format, provided this use follows these general AIR-CARE trademark guidelines and you include appropriate wording such as: “This way to,” or “Click here to be redirected to” Except for the link logos as provided by AIR-CARE, you may not use the AIR-CARE trademarks or any other AIR-CARE logo or graphic to link to AIR-CARE.

C. Websites You may use AIR-CARE trademarks on your Website to indicate that your product or service is compatible with the referenced AIR-CARE product or service, provided the reference complies with the guidelines herein. Do not use any AIR-CARE trademark in the title of your Website or as a second-level domain name.

D. Company, Product, Service, and Domain Names Do not use or register any AIR-CARE trademark, including AIR-CARE logos, symbols, icons, or any potentially confusing variation thereof, as part of your company name, trade name, product name, service name, or domain name. Do not combine your company name, trademarks, service marks, or product names with an AIR-CARE trademark or product name.

E. Endorsement or Sponsorship Do not use any AIR-CARE trademark in any manner that expresses or implies AIR-CARE affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval. Do not use any AIR-CARE trademark in such a manner that it appears AIR-CARE is legally associated with your company. You must display your company name more prominently than any AIR-CARE trademark on all materials.

F. Merchandise Items Do not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items, such as T-shirts, mugs or souvenir items, that bear any AIR-CARE trademarks, including logos, except pursuant to an express written trademark license from AIR-CARE.

G. Trade Dress and Advertising Elements Do not imitate AIR-CARE logos, logotypes, trade dress, or other elements of AIR-CARE product packaging and Websites in any of your materials, including but not limited to advertising, product packaging, Websites, and promotional materials.