Safety Equipment

Working in the indoor air quality industry can be harmful on the body in the form of hazardous chemicals, and other harmful products.

  • Impact Goggles

    Soft frame, high impact goggles offer distortion free and fog free vision while protecting the wearer from loose debris in the air handler, supply and return air ducts. The material found in air ducts can contain mold spores and bacteria that can enter the body through the moist membranes in the eyes. These goggles protect the wearer from particles dropping into their eyes.

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  • Disposable Shoe Covers

    These inexpensive slip on shoe covers protect the home-owners’ floor in a visible way that gives them confidence that your technicians are considerate of their property. They are made of Tyvek and protect against dust and moisture. Pkg of 10.

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  • Respirator Filter Cartridges

    Set of 2 filter cartridges for above respirator. Approval #TC-23C-1062 rated for dusts, mists and organic vapors.

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  • Disposable Protective Clothing

    A non-woven material produced by I.E. DuPont de Nemours. Tyvek is lightweight and soft, yet strong, whether wet or dry, and resistant to abrasion, puncturing and tearing. Provides an excellent protective shield, holding out 99.9% of all dry particulate down to 0.5 microns in size, offers splash protection against many liquids. Being 100% polyethylene, Tyvek’s physical properties are virtually unaffected by most salts. Tyvek’s clothing is comfortable and economical to wear. 6/Box, one size fits most. Size: Large

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  • Respirator

    Half mask respirator features low profile design for better visibility and allows safety glasses/goggles to be worn. As a barrier between the technicians respiratory system and the fine debris found in many air systems, this respirator is an essential “ounce of prevention”. Requires 2 filter cartridges, not included.

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