Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Working in the indoor air quality industry can be harmful on the body in the form of hazardous chemicals, and other harmful products.

  • Impact Goggles

    These goggles protect the wearer from particles dropping into their eyes.

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  • Disposable Shoe Covers

    Shoe covers protect the home-owners’ floor in a visible way.

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  • Respirator Filter Cartridges

    Set of 2 filter cartridges for above respirator. Approval #TC-23C-1062 rated for dusts, mists and organic vapors.

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  • Disposable Protective Clothing

    6/Box, one size fits most. Size: Large

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  • Respirator

    Half mask respirator features low profile design for better visibility and allows safety glasses/goggles to be worn. As a barrier between the technicians respiratory system and the fine debris found in many air systems, this respirator is an essential “ounce of prevention”. Requires 2 filter cartridges, not included.

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