The Possibility of Heavy Debris in Ducts of New Homes

The Possibility of Heavy Debris in Ducts of New Homes

New Construction Duct Cleaning

The Possibility of Heavy Debris in Ducts of New Homes
by Nate Hollembaek, Service Manager

Nate HollembaekHave you ever been out on a service call and had a customer say, “This house was just built a couple years ago, I doubt there’s anything in the ducts.”?

I’ve been in the duct cleaning industry for ten years and I have lost count how many times I have heard that.  That’s when you begin to explain the construction process to the customer and describe to them what goes on during that time.

You have to remind them that the duct system is one of the very first things to go in after the house has been framed.  So while you’ve got a brand new duct system in a house, you’ve got drywall dust, texture, paint, carpet and wood floor sanding creating sawdust particles to contaminate the duct system.

Over the years I have been appalled as to what construction workers will throw down a duct.  I’ve seen chewing tobacco thrown down into the boot of a duct, old cigarettes that someone smoked, put out and threw down the duct.  And most commonly, a drywall worker that empties his texture gun down a duct.  Now, this is not the case in every single new construction home, there are contractors that will make a very conscious effort to protect the duct system during construction.

Most commonly in higher end homes they do a fairly good job protecting the duct system.  Tell your customers that for peace of mind, no matter how new their home is, it is always a good idea to clean their duct system.  Then you’ll know, and they will know that there is nothing in their ducts that is contaminating their indoor air.

If you have complaints of a customer that tells you their house is new but they just can’t seem to get a white powder dust under control, it is most likely that they have sheet rock dust coated throughout their duct system.  A thorough duct cleaning will take care of that problem and perhaps a higher quality air filter.  Use new construction as an opportunity to create new business and create flyers to market to new construction developments to inform people of what could be in their duct systems.

Another way to generate business is to network with contractors in your area about what you do. Tell them you would like to clean the duct systems of every house they build so there are no problems in the future with people who purchase their homes that might be sensitive to contaminants in the air.

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