President’s Corner September 2013

President’s Corner September 2013

The summer is coming to a close and the kids are back to school and the best weather of the year will be here for a short time. This would be the time to do some planning for the next seasons; fall and winter. The heaters will go on and you should be getting calls about bad odors and indoor air quality problems. This is just what we all do best – find and solve these kinds of problems.

As usual here at Air Care we are always looking for ways to increase sales for you and us. For the last four months we have been in the R & D mode designing some new products and services that will help you add significant revenue to your service business.

The fact that we are in the service business also is a major benefit this allows use to experiment with new products and services. The most recent one we are working on is trash and laundry chute cleaning. There are others that do this, but we have put a new twist on it with the design of a very special tool that will make this process go much faster and provide superior results.

We also have a strategic alliance with a pressure washing equipment manufacture so that we can use this with our proprietary equipment. We have been in the field presenting this service with new brochures and a pricing strategy that has been very well accepted. This will be a winner and go hand in hand with what we already do as it relates to indoor air quality.

Part of the process is for us to develop training tools for you and your service techs which include videos and detail instructions on how to perform the process. The other very important element of this is the proper pricing of the service and we have detailed formulas for the pricing which will guarantee solid profits. You will see these new products on our website in a few days and will receive email notices introducing this added service.

Be sure to also ask us about the Solar Screens. This is a great product to market and allows you to increase your sales revenue. There is a new point of sale demo kit and a great brochure and sample material brochure to help you make a professional presentation. Give us a call and get the facts.

Until next month keep up the great job.

R Papaleo

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