Making the Phone Ring

Making the Phone Ring

phoneWhen you own a business, the best sound in the world is a phone ringing. How to make the phone ring is the key though.

Let’s look at some strategies that should keep the phone ringing:

1. Are You Marketing to Your Present Clients in Your Database?
Do you send thank you letters and do you make follow-up calls? Do you have a maintenance program and do you send out newsletters and postcards? Do you send out 12, 18 and 24 month reminder cards? Are you sending out periodic emails to your clients?

2. Is your Website Effective?
laptopWebsites are good referral marketing because clients that call you from your website have taken a good look at your company by scanning your website. They act like a referral client because they want to use your company. It is vitally important that your website in on the very top of the first page of the major search engines or it is basically useless. Google is used by 65% of consumers so make sure you are one of the top three on that site or at a minimum, on the first page. Also, your website must be well done and appealing to the eye. Spend some money on the production of your website because the on-going cost is very minimal but the results can be outstanding.

3. Is your Advertising Effective?
The wonderful thing about advertising is that you get immediate results. The down side is that it can cost a lot of money and you could get inundated with price shoppers. Yellow pages, newspapers, direct mail, coupon magazines, radio and TV can certainly make the phone ring, but you must keep a close look at your costs and numbers and make sure that you are making a good profit. Tracking of all calls is essential in order to know that each advertising dollar is getting a bang for the buck. A good rule to follow is that for each dollar spent on advertising three to four dollars of work is generated.

4. Are You Consistently Marketing to Referral Sources?
arrow peopleRealtors, property managers, HVAC contractors, appliance repair outlets, etc are a great source of lucrative referrals but they must be marketed on a consistent basis. Unless you have a system of visiting these and other sources consistently, don’t wast your time and effort. It takes a while to build this market, but once you do, your phone will ring often with folks who want to use your company’s services.

In today’s economy, one can find plenty of excuses for the phone not ringing. Winners don’t look for excuses, though, they look for answers and then they are willing to go out and do the work to bring in the results.

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