Make an Extra $13,000+ Profit Doing Nothing!

Make an Extra $13,000+ Profit Doing Nothing!

Selling only one electrostatic air filter per day can add big profits to your bottom line.If you are not taking advantage of our easy to sell electrostatic air filters, you could be leaving thousands of dollars of profit on the table. Let’s do some quick math:

  • 2 Duct Cleaning Jobs Per Day
  • 1 Filter Sold Per Day
  • $50 Profit (or more!) Per Filter
  • $250 Extra Profit Per Week
  • $13,000 Extra Profit Per Year

And it’s so easy. Simply leave the bundle of sample filters with the customer while you clean their air ducts. Curiosity will get the best of them as they look over the filters and get very interested. When you are done cleaning their air ducts, they can’t help but ask you about the filters.

You educate them on the features and benefits and complete the sale. The filter practically sells itself!

Contact us today to get filter pricing and ask how to get the filter binder sample.

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