E-mail Marketing to Existing Customers

E-mail Marketing to Existing Customers

by Mary Dziak

maryWe are always looking for ways to capture additional revenue from our existing customers and there is such an easy way to do it.

But what do you use and can you buy lists and send e-mails or do you get labeled as a spammer? Here are some guidelines to help with this issue.

There are several solid e-mail marketing companies that have great services such as reports and ease of use of sending out e-mail programs to your existing customers. Some that we have used or are currently using is Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. The important thing to remember is these companies and others like them will only accept “opt-in” lists to be loaded and mailed to. The reason is, they do not want to be known as spammers either and they are very strict in this area.

Therefore, if you have a customer database and have their e-mail addresses (or if you don’t, start asking for it) you can import that list into one of these programs, design a piece you want to send and schedule it. Mail Chimp will even allow you to use their service for free (for the first 500 emails collected). The cost for more is very reasonable and probably not more than $50.00 per month for several thousand.

If you want to do prospecting with a list that you bought, you need to find an e-mail marketing company that accepts these or that sell you the list and service to do the actual e-mailing. I caution you to avoid buying a list of e-mail addresses and sending it out yourself, because you could get blacklisted by the ISP’s and listed as a spammer.

These types of services are more expensive because you are buying the list first and then paying them to send out e-mail campaigns. This can be a very effective and inexpensive way to keep in contact with existing customers. You have already paid for them to be a customer through some other form of advertising; utilize them to the fullest with all the services you provide.

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