Classroom Comments for August 2014

Classroom Comments for August 2014

When I got here I knew nothing about duct cleaning.  I have no doubt I could clean a full system now.  The advertising and marketing section was very helpful.  I am more of a hands on person, so the training center was particularly helpful for me.
Wayne and Mary were very nice and very good at what they do.  Thanks to both of them for making this training easy!
~Josh Strahan

Wayne was very professional on training and air duct cleaning and Mary gave me good info on pricing for commercial jobs which is something I needed.  I’m so glad I’m doing business with Air-Care.

Everybody is so helpful and friendly. Henry is always there with an answer for any question I have, and Mackenzie and April are always so friendly and professional when I talk to them.  Thank you guys!
~Victor A. Parras

I didn’t have any knowledge of air duct cleaning before the classes and I found all the information to be helpful and thorough.  I especially appreciate the one-on-one training.
~ Dennis Claborn

The training was well done, an excellent experience at Air-Care.  I learned a lot of material from Wayne and Mary on how to go about running the business.   I’m looking forward to having a long business relationship with Air-Care.  Thank You.
~Wally Katergi

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