Duct Leakage Testing Requirements

Energy conservation is big all across the United States.  Have you looked in your own state to see what the requirements for homeowners are?

You may be surprised to find that the energy company and the state’s energy commission are instituting new regulations requiring duct leakage testing on retrofits and new construction.  Some states give incentives for these tests to be performed.  They also give homeowners incentives for correcting the problems that are found with duct leakage testing.

 Our DLT can help you with this.  Our duct leakage tester was designed with the contractor in dltmind.  You do not need to change out rings as with some other units used in the field.  It also has the manometer built into a case that has a pivotal stand so you don’t have to clumsily handle it separately.

Mike Stanovich and I were just in Washington state attending one of the 1 day courses for duct leakage testing.  Everyone in this class will be certified to perform duct leakage testing.

Take the time to look into your own state’s requirements.  This may be a service you can provide to your customers.

Additional Benefit of Joining FADC

I have talked with all of you about the site “”  It is an information and referral website for duct cleaning.  We have been very selective with who can participate in this website.  We did this for a very good reason.  We do not want any negative reviews because of “bait and switch” advertising or someone who is known as a “blow and go” type duct cleaner.

We are in the process of updating our own website,, to include a benefit to those participants of the “”.  All duct cleaners that are listed on that site will be bolded and a website (if available) will be added to their listing so that they will stand out on the “locations” section of the Air-Care site.

This is an additional benefit to try to promote good air duct cleaning and promote those who have the criteria of being accepted on the “”.

Air-Care has always been a leader in this industry and in the local Las Vegas Valley for duct cleaning.  We have our own websites for service locally and we have Buddy Rigotti here on our staff to help control and promote these websites.

We have always emphasized customer service as our number one priority for you the service provider and also for our residential and commercial customers here in Las Vegas.  We want to share that service and quality standards and try to promote duct cleaners like us in their own areas.   If you are successful, we are successful.

We will keep promoting and improving “” as well as our own websites.

If you feel you would qualify for this website and want to participate, please give me a call so we can discuss.

Thank you for giving Air-Care the opportunity to help improve your own business.

Air-Care Now Offers Custom Marketing Websites To Air Duct Cleaning Customers

Update: This service is no longer available, as we currently re-evaluate this service offering. 

Air-Care is pleased to launch a new product exclusively for our air duct cleaning customers – Custom Marketing Websites.

The Internet has virtually replaced the Yellow Pages as the source for quickly finding the goods and services people need every day. Air-Care Web has made it possible for you to have a professional and highly effective website.

Now, you can affordably expand your business…making it instantly visible and viable to your target customers.

You need a website that represents all that your business can offer. The cost of a well-designed website prevents many businesses from even trying to develop one, but exclusively through Air-Care, you can now get a customized website that gives you the ability to choose from professionally-designed themes and general content fed by Air-care.

NADCA Conference 2010

I just returned from the NADCA Convention in Tucson.  The reaction to the conference was very good.  Wayne and I worked our booth during the Exhibit Hall hours.

One thing that was discussed while I was there, was the use of the NADCA logo in ads.  Unless you are a NADCA member, you cannot use their logo.  This is reserved for the companies that are current certified members.

When you come to our training at Air-Care, we do use the NADCA standards to train you, but that does not give you permission to use the NADCA logo.  We give you a certificate from Air-Care.

This can become very serious because NADCA watches this very closely.  It can lead to huge fines from NADCA.  You can become a member of NADCA by going to their website ( and filling out an application.  Of course, application fees and annual membership fees apply.

Please keep this in mind when placing ads.  You really shouldn’t use any logos of companies that you are not affiliated with.  In the next newsletter, I will discuss the use of the Air-Care logo in ads.

Increase Your Bottom Line

I have people coming to me everyday asking what we have to sell to help increase their bottom line.  They are already in the customer’s home offering their other services and what products to sell them.  We always refer them to our electrostatic air filters, which in air duct cleaning should be a “no brainer” of a sale.

One thing we don’t talk about very often is our UV Lights.  Air-Care is very proud to say that we are making a UV Light right here at our facility in Las Vegas.  We don’t have to worry about a vendor supplying them to us and having to tell you that they are “backordered”.

We are geared up to make UV Lights as fast as they are ordered.  Doesn’t that sound like other products we sell!?

Now it’s your turn.  ORDER TODAY!!  Look for an email with an offer you can’t refuse.

You can always call me and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Secret to Big Money

We recently held a webinar (a couple of them actually) where we gave information on the procedures and marketing of air duct cleaning.

One of the most important aspects of any service business is to get in front of the customer and sell them on why they should choose you over your competitor.

Air-Care has been in the business of duct cleaning for over 25 years.  We pride ourselves on being the best duct cleaner in Las Vegas.  In saying that, it really doesn’t matter how good we are if we cannot get a customer.  We have tried every media for advertising over all these years with successes and failures.

I want to share with you the one advertising technique that worked great and gave us our highest closing ratios.  We did a direct mail piece that offered “Free Video Inspection” of duct system. “No Obligation”.  This was a perfect way to get in front of the customer and show them the air ducts and how dirty they were.

It was a “no brainer” sale when the customer would see the dirt built up in their duct system.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to sample a couple of ducts and record it.  We had a closing ratio of over 70%.

This does increase your cost of the job, but it also increases your gross sales.

Marketing can be low cost and effective!

Let me start off by telling you about my recent vacation. My wife and I and our two small dogs went on a trip in our motor home to Nashville TN and Branson MO. We were gone for 15 days and had a very good time.

We went to the Grand Ole Opray in Nashville and that is great place to visit. The country singers were just wonderful and the feature group was the Rascal Flats.

We then went on to Branson, MO – another great place to visit. There are over 100 shows at Branson and the performers are all very talented and entertaining. You can Google it and see what they have to offer. Like all vacations, it’s fun to go away and it is nice to come back home.

Well, let me change the subject and get back to business. The subject of advertising has been highlighted many times in our past newsletters and is a major part of our training program. Thirty years ago the most popular form of advertising were shared by Yellow Pages, direct mail, local newspapers, radio and TV ads.

These forms of advertising have slowly become less effective for two reasons: the reduced response and the extraordinary cost.

There is an advertising revolution and it is called Pay Per Click (PPC). The Internet has become the major way to communicate and advertise. When was the last time you used the Yellow Page directory to look for something? I would bet that you, like most people, Google it, Yahoo it or Bing it.

With laptops, iPads and smart phones, why would you do it any other way? Many years ago, Air-Care started the transition to the Internet and it is our primary source of advertising. We have saved many thousands of dollars and have had much better results. Ask us how we can help you use this media and take advantage of the power of the Internet.

Thanks for your business.

Richard Papaleo

6 Tips on Making a Flyer

1. The Headline
The first thing a reader sees is the headline in any flyer or advertisement. This is why it should be the biggest, boldest thing on your flyer. Pay attention to where the headline is the next time you flip through a magazine… you’ll be surprised.

2. Color Palette
Choose colors that agree with each other and use no more than five. You can choose complimentary (opposite on the color wheel) or analogous (neighbors on the color wheel) or you can grab a few extra color palette cards the next time you’re in the paint aisle. I like to do this and keep them on hand for inspiration when starting a new project.

3. Theme
As with colors, when you have a running theme throughout your flyer, the reader will be less likely to get confused and will more likely retain the message you are trying to send them.

4. Call To Action
This one might seem simple enough but you’d be amazed at how often it’s missed. Give your readers explicit instructions on how to get a hold of you. You can do this with buttons that link to a specific page on a website or with your phone number and a reason to call. Make it worth their while.

5. Typography
The human brain processes more information than you think when it comes to fonts, size, color and the placement of the letters next to, above and below each other. A good rule of thumb is sans-serif for headlines, call to actions and bullets. Serif is good for paragraphs and other blocks of text. I tend to use the same fonts over and over because they work.

6. Spell Check
Trust me, a misspelled word will not only project ineptness about the flyer’s designer but also about the product or company it is representing.  It’s there, use it.

Mary’s Marketing Message – June 2009

We recently introduced a new product, the “DuctMaster”.  We are continually looking to provide the best and most efficient equipment on the market today.  Although the DuctMaster was a new piece of equipment, we are still improving on the design and making it better for your use in the field.  We look to our customers for their input and suggestions to help us do that.  What our customers say matter and we want you to know that Air-Care appreciates it.

We are coming into the busy summer cleaning season and we can tell from your orders.  Please plan ahead, if you can, on placing orders.  Our lead times in the filter department are about 5-6 days right now (that does not include shipping).  That is strictly due to the amount of orders received.  We are working on getting that lead time down.  Please let your customers know, so they are not expecting something sooner than we can deliver.  Our usual lead time is 2 days for manufacturing and we always strive for that result.  We will get back there soon.  Our equipment lead time is running about 2 days.  Please anticipate that lead time when ordering.

During this busy season, make sure you take full advantage of each and every contact.  When in a customer’s home make sure they are aware of all the services you provide.  For example, if you don’t mention dryer duct cleaning, they may not be aware that you do that and won’t ask for it.  You have so many items you can offer such as filters, UV lights, odor control products and all the services, you don’t want to leave that homeowner wanting or needing any of these items and making them call someone else for it.  Good up-selling adds to your bottom line without much effort.

Introducing the TurboJet SuperMax – The Muscle Car of Negative Air Machines

For over 30 years Air-Care has lead the duct cleaning industry in innovation.
We now introduce a muscle car of a negative air machine, the Air-Care TurboJet SuperMax.

The SuperMax is like a Corvette in that it is small, powerful and agile for normal everyday duct cleaning, but with a proprietary hybrid power unit, it DOUBLES its horsepower but it is still in a small, agile body.

Here’s more features:

  • Single, 3 horsepower, 3 phase motor
  • Single, enlarged backward incline blower with 100% more CFM
  • Single, 3 horsepower variable speed drive inverter that runs on 120 volts
  • Proprietary power combining electronics for ONE or TWO 120 volt power cords
  • Runs on one 120 volt power cord at 1.5 horsepower
  • Runs on two 120 volt independent power cords at 3 horsepower
  • Weighs 27-47 pounds less than any other dual motor duct cleaning machine
  • Electronic safety circuitry senses a missing ground and prevents running
  • Hybrid electronic design conditions both AC power inputs to feed a massive DC power bus which delivers power on demand to the inverter
  • Easily accessible panel for all electronic components
  • Freer flowing, mini-pleat HEPA filter manufactured by Air-Care

That’s how to take a high performance negative air machine and keep it small and light and DOUBLE its horsepower.  This is not simple, but with Air-Care’s imagination, innovative design and manufacturing dedicated to quality and performance right here in the United States, it’s definitely possible and now shipping at an unbelievably affordable price.