Employee Spotlight

Rico Reyes, 20 years at Air-Care

Rico Reyes recently celebrated 20 years at Air-Care and as usual, when there’s an anniversary, the entire staff assembles in the conference room to congratulate the employee, have a few laughs and we always eat cake.

Rico started with Air-Care as a shop technician. Over the years his hard work and dedication earned him recognition and raises. Today he is the Production Manager/Supervisor and Equipment Specialist.

“Rico is absolutely dedicated to his job and my go-to-guy for everything.” says Wayne Tracy; Air-Care’s CEO. President Richard Papaleo claims: “No job is too small or to big and he’s always trying to please not only his boss but his co-workers too.”

Affectionately known as Rico “Suave”, Rico’s employment started January 10, 1993. The thing he likes most about his job is the challenge it brings. When a problem needs to be solved, he loves being able to figure it out and get the job done. He also says: “I love that it’s truly a family run business in the sense that the owners Dick and Ronnie really care about their employees. I’ve seen a lot of situations where they have gone the extra mile for an employee and in today’s world, that is rare.”

Born in the Philippines, his family moved to Guam in 1979 when he was 17 years old. That same year, he qualified and joined The United States Navy, and became a U.S. citizen on Dec. 12, 1986. After retiring from the Navy, he joined the Air-Care team. “It’s been great to be part of Air-Care and assist in the growth of not only Air-Care but of all our customers as well.”

In his spare time he enjoys gardening and fixing things around the house. He’s a San Diego Charger fan, loves Hershey’s Chocolate Bars and has a cat named Nena that adopted him.

Congratulations Rico on a job well done!

Air-Care Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Bob Keller

Bob Keller was born in Chicago, IL and raised in the San Fernando Valley in California. He moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1983 and joined the Air-Care team a year later.

His 29 years of service have had him in several different roles with the company. He was service manager for several years, he worked in filter and chemical production for a time and currently he works in sales and marketing by helping other people get involved in the indoor air quality industry.

His favorite thing about working at Air-Care is helping others to be successful in their business by providing information and support to all our customers. He also enjoys working with the other staff members who are like family.

When he’s not making sales at work, Bob enjoys fishing and outdoors, eating at the many wonderful restaurants here in Las Vegas and playing KENO. He also enjoys spending time with his cat and 2 dogs.

He loves animals, especially cats, and he loves his country and considers himself a “God-Fearing American”. He says, “I am a firm believer in small business, like Air-Care, which made and still makes our country so great.”