Are You a Referrable Company?

Are You a Referrable Company?

It’s doing the little things that make a big difference
by Nate Hollembaek, Service Manager

Nate HollembaekWorking off referral is the most desirable way to gain business, hands down. It also feels great when you go out to a customer’s home and they tell you that you’re highly recommended by their friends or family.

It’s also great because it’s no longer hard for the customer to justify your higher price for the service you provide. There are so many ways to gain referrals. I have always been taught that it’s not the one big thing you do that earns you referrals, it’s the 1,000 little things you do.

And out of the 1,000 little things you do the customer will find a few things about you that you do differently that they love about your company. For instance, the other day I was out on a job and I don’t think the homeowner could really understand the concept of what we were doing during the cleaning process.

But after we were done we vacuumed her entire house to make sure there were no messes left behind. She loved it! She told me we did a great job and she will use us again and tell all her friends and neighbors. Giving the customer a great memorable experience while you’re in their home is extremely valuable and can take your company to the next level. Be referrable!

This way you won’t have to rely on so much advertising and you can dominate your market and blow away the competition.

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