Always be the professional

Always be the professional

by Wayne Tracy
wayneEvery aspect of your business needs to speak quality and professionalism at all times. Your customers and potential customers are always “Sizing you up”. It starts with how they’re treated on the phone when they call you, the appearance of your vehicles as they walk or drive by it, or even the appearance of your technician they may see at the local coffee shop. Regardless of how they are introduced to your company – you only get one chance at a first impression.

It doesn’t matter how old your company vehicles are, they can still be cleaned on a regular basis. Not only on the outside, but they must also be kept clean on the inside. I’ve seen customers actually looking in the windows of our service vans. Not only must it look good for the first job of the day, but for each job. It’s very simple to do this and will only take a few minutes to reload the van neatly after each job is finished.

Duct cleaning can sometimes be dirty, nasty work and it can be difficult to stay clean after crawling in attics or basement crawl spaces. But, you still have to be presentable to each and every customer (or potential customer) you meet during the day. Dusting yourself off during the day will help. Using a vacuum and upholstery brush only takes a minute to get loose debris off your clothing. My father was a plumber his whole life and he always carried a spare set of clothing in this service truck and would stop between jobs to change if necessary. This may sound extreme, but think about it – it only takes a few minutes for a quick change up on your way to the next job. At the very least carry a spare shirt.

Be sure that anyone who answers the phone for your company always answers in a polite & friendly voice. We all have bad days, but if we’re going to communicate with customers on the phone we have to put that behind us and treat the customer politely and enthusiastically every time we answer a call. Make sure that the person taking calls from your customers is well educated in the services and prices you offer.

When a customer calls, they expect the person to whom they are transferred to be an expert and answer all of their questions. If they should ask a question that you cannot answer, get the answer and get back to them promptly.

Chances are that when you’re talking to a customer they are taking notes, so you also need to make notes of prices and circumstances you have talked to your customer about. I have a notebook at my desk so I can make notes about the specifics I talk to a customer about in a call very easily. That way, when they call back I can simply refer to these notes so I know exactly what I discussed and what prices I quoted the customer.

Just remember the best advertising you can invest in is a happy customer. Referrals are a lifeline of your business and you need to have anyone that comes in contact with your company saying great things about you to his friends and family.

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