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About Air-Care

Take a video tour of our facility in Las Vegas.

How Air Duct Cleaning works.

The Opportunity

Learn the benefits of being in the indoor air quality business.

Shows your potential customer how important air duct cleaning is.

The effectiveness of Solar Shield window coverings is demonstrated with an IR Thermometer.

Why use an Air Purification System? Here is some helpful info.

The Equipment

Our entry level negative air machine useful for all residential and light commercial jobs.

Our most popular negative air machine useful for all residential and commercial jobs.

The TruckMaster cleans air ducts in conjunction with a truck-mount carpet cleaning machine.

The DuctMaster is a contact cleaning machine that cleans air ducts and dryer vents.

Explains the differences between our filter types and how to clean them.

Showcases the Cobra 5 Powerbrush air duct cleaning brush that is used in conjunction with a negative air machine.

We take you through several different kinds of air ducts with our duct inspection camera.

The Sidewinder is the most versatile cleaning tool for all sizes of ducts made of metal, flex, duct board, and even internally insulated types.

The Air Whisk system provides the same versatile cleaning of all types of ducts as the Sidewinder, but is limited to 20′ sections.

How To

How to install our Solar Screens.

How to install our UVC Air Purification lights.

From The President

Air-Care President, Richard Papaleo

Which are you?