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Remove the outer box and inspect for damage. Report all damage immediately to your carrier. If special setup instructions are required, they will be taped to the outside of the equipment or in the “Operating” section of this manual, available online.

Inspect all of the packing material for small parts before discarding packaging material. Report all damage to Air-Care immediately. Any attempt at repairing damages may void warranty.


   COBRA-VI variable speed motor drive unit.
   Flexible drive cable, 3/8” core by 35 feet long.
   Flex-E-Bristle Brush, for use in 4” to 18” diameter air ducts.
   5 Button Wireless remote control handheld transmitter with 2-AA batteries installed.
   Commercial Option (12”-36” diameter Flex-E-Bristle Brush.)


Always use safe and common sense precautions when working with Air-Care equipment. Do not block walkways with equipment, and remove delicate and breakable articles from the immediate work area. The following are precautions that should be reviewed by all persons who will be involved in the cleaning activity:

There are no user serviceable components in the COBRA VI; only trained technicians should attempt to make internal repairs on this equipment. Call Air-Care 800-322-9919 for tech Support.

NEVER use the COBRA-VI in a wet environment.

ALWAYS turn off the main power switch/Breaker on the COBRA-VI panel when the brush and cable are laid down to prevent injury if the START switch is accidentally activated.

Be sure all power cords and electrical extensions are rated to meet or exceed the original Air-Care power cord spec’s, and inspect AC power plugs to be sure the ground pin is in place.

NEVER connect power to Air-Care equipment unless all covers and safety shields are in place. Mechanical and electrical parts could be activated and cause injury.

NEVER allow anyone but a properly trained technician to use Air-Care equipment or cleaning products.

All Air-Care equipment is designed for US standard 115 volt, 60 Hz AC. Most Air-Care equipment can be special ordered to meet other worldwide standards for a reasonable price and delivery schedule. ALWAYS check the specifications on the Equipment before connecting electrical power to Air-Care equipment.

Keep the cable clear of breakable objects as it can flip and twist during higher torque applications.

Turn off main power switch when removing or replacing the Flex-E-Bristle Brush. If you have questions about the safe use of any Air-Care product, call 702-454-5515


The COBRA-VI is designed for use with a portable negative air machine to thoroughly clean round, square and rectangular ducts made of all materials. Caution must be used when cleaning soft surface ducts such as older, deteriorated duct-board or flexible ducts and metal ducts with internal insulation.

1. Place the Cobra VI drive unit on the floor or other stable surface near the ducts to be cleaned.

2. Connect a power cord to the pigtail on of the rear of Power unit and to a standard 115 volt grounded AC outlet (ill 1).

3. Attach the flexible shaft to the motor unit by first aligning the square end of the shaft with the square hole in the drive unit, then screwing the black disconnect nut onto the 2” diameter, threaded end of the coupler. This nut should be snug, but NOT excessively tight (ill.2).

4. Hold the outer cable housing near the Flex-E-Bristle Brush. Hold the brush where it will not hit you or other objects when it begins to rotate. It should only be started AFTER it is inside an air duct.

5. Turn on the power breaker/switch (ill. 3).

6. Using caution, Press the “START” button on the rocker switch on the Control panel (ill. 4). The brush will be started in its LOWEST speed. If a new brush cable is still rolled up tighter than a 30” diameter, it may not turn due to internal friction. Open up the size of the coiled cable and try to run it again.

7. The Cobra VI always starts in the Lowest of its 4 speeds. If a higher speed is required use the rocker switch on the Control Panel (ill.5). Once the brush is turning, test other functions by increasing the speed slowly to maximum by pressing the Speed Increase button 3 times, then press the Speed Reduce Button. Be careful to not let the brush hit anything breakable. The direction of rotation can be changed by pressing the “Change Directions” switch (ill.6). The brush will slow to a stop then start to turn in the opposite direction at the lowest speed.

8. Now Press “STOP” (ill. 7) before going on to test the Remote Controls.

9. The handheld remote (ill. 8) can now be tested for the same functions to START, STOP, Change Directions, Increase Speed and Decrease Speed. Use caution when changing the direction of rotation. The back torque in the cable may flip the coils of the cable with the possibility of hitting breakable objects in the immediate area. To reduce this condition, The Brush Speed will always return to Speed #1 when the Rotational Direction is changed. You may then increase it with the speed switch.

10. NOTE: When the Change Direction switch is activated, the Lights on the Panel switches will flash while the Brush is slowing to a stop and restarting in the SLOWEST speed.



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1. Before using the COBRA VI to clean the air system, the supply and return duct diffuser grills must be removed.

2. Pre-vacuum and plug these openings

3. Attach the Turbojet or other negative air machine to the system.

4. If the Return has a Filter, Remove the filter, place it in a Plastic bag and reinstall the filter into the return to block air flow through the air system during cleaning. Do not forget to remove this bag when the job is complete.


6. Begin at the duct opening farthest from the furnace/air conditioner.

7. With the Brush STOPPED, insert the brush and cable assembly one or two feet into the duct to be cleaned. THE MACHINE END OF THE CABLE MUST BE STRAIGHT FOR AT LEAST 4 to 5 FEET TO REDUCE THE FRICTION and HEATING OF THE CABLE HOUSING. A tight bend in the cable will cause friction that will damage the cable housing and cable resulting in costly repairs or replacement of the cable.

8. Start the brush by turning on the main power, press the START switch on the Remote and it will start in the lowest speed. The brush will begin to rotate within a few seconds. NOTE: The brush will begin to turn slowly in the Lowest Speed setting. Most duct cleaning will be done between 2 and 3 of the 4 speeds.

9. Push the Flex-E-Bristle Brush into the duct with a smooth gentle force. The brush will expand and compress to clean any size duct from 4” to 18” high and any width.

CAUTION: To clean duct board ducts, or older flex duct systems, the COBRA VI Brush system should be used at a lower speeds (1 or 2) with caution as its aggressive cleaning action may damage these delicate ducts. Internally insulated ducts, brittle flex ducts and fraying duct board ducts should NOT be cleaned with a power brush.

10. When the end of the duct is reached, the cable can be pulled slowly back toward the opening. If the duct is rectangular in shape, Press the “Change Rotation” on the Remote. The rotation of the brush in this direction will allow it to “Walk” to the opposite side of the duct from what was cleaned going into the duct and assure that both sides of the rectangular duct are cleaned.

11. Stop the brush 1 or 2 feet from the duct entrance then remove the brush. This duct opening can now be plugged with the foam plug, and the next duct opening cleaned in the same manner. Repeat this on each duct opening until all have been cleaned.

12. The duct system is now ready to be decontaminated by fogging in a duct sealant like Soot Set and an EPA registered sanitizer such as Envirocon.


Prior to troubleshooting, check the following:

1. Be sure power cord is plugged in, AND the Breaker/switch is in the “ON” with the Light Lit. If there is no light, try another outlet.
2. When testing the motor use the remote switch to turn the motor on for the first test.
3. For testing leave the Speed at the Lowest Setting (1).
4. It is SAFER to run the COBRA VI with the cable end DISCONNECTED. You will be told when to attach it.

PROBLEM 1: Motor does not run.
CHECK:  Review the first 5 steps at the top of this page.
IF YES: Be sure the Brush and Cable have been disconnected and Go to #2.
IF NO: Follow the 5 instructions above then go to #2.


PROBLEM 2: Motor does not run.
CHECK: 2. Does the RED LED on the remote flash when the buttons are pushed?
IF YES: Go to #3.
IF NO: The Remote may have a dead battery, Replace the 2- “AA” batteries and repeat the test. If it still does not light, go to #4.


PROBLEM 3 : Motor does not run.
CHECK: Turn the Motor “ON” with the Remote START button then Press “Change Rotation”. Does the motor run in BOTH directions?
IF YES: The motor is good, but the remote is failing, Call Air Care.
IF NO: Go to #4.


PROBLEM 4: Motor does not run.
CHECK: Use the Panel START switch and Change Direction Switch, and count to 4 to give it time to respond. Did Motor Run?
IF YES: The Remote appears to be failing, Call Air Care. 702-454-5515.
IF NO: Contact Air-Care for advanced Diagnostics. 702-454-5515.


PROBLEM 5: Brush Speed does not change.
CHECK: Press the PANEL “START” switch. Does the Motor start to run at any speed?
IF YES: Go to #7.
IF NO: If the “Speed Indicator” lights on the Panel change? Contact Air-Care Tech Support.


PROBLEM 6: Brush Speed does not change.
CHECK: Does the Motor Start Light turn on after Pressing “START”?
IF YES: Go to #7.
IF NO: Contact Air-Care Tech Support.


PROBLEM 7: Brush Speed does not change.
CHECK: Press the Speed Increase button (+) and the Speed Decrease button, (-) several times. Does the Light Change on the Panel Speed Indicator?
IF YES: Attach the Cable and brush and verify that the Brush Speed changes with the Button.
IF NO: Go to #8.


PROBLEM 8: Brush Speed does not change.
CHECK: Does the Brush Speed change when the Speed is increased and decreased.
IF YES: Repeat Test with the Remote.
IF NO: Contact Air-Care Tech Support.


PROBLEM 9: Motor Runs until Cable and Brush Installed.
CHECK: Is the Cable coiled tightly or is this brand new cable?
IF YES: When being used, the cable must be coiled loosely, about 24” diameter or larger coils. A new cable must “break in” a few hours.
IF NO: Go to #10.


PROBLEM 10: Motor Runs until Cable and Brush Installed.
CHECK: Is the Large 36” brush attached?
IF YES: The 36” brush should only be run at speeds of Lowest and Med Slow (1 and 2)
IF NO: Contact Air-Care Tech Support.


PROBLEM 11: Final Test Run.
CHECK: Did the COBRA VI run properly in all modes?
IF YES: Problem solved. A power surge may have tripped the breaker.
IF NO: Look for the new symptom in the left column or call Air-Care Tech Support. 702-454- 5515.


A) Remote Control Front Sensor
B) Intake Fan w/Filter
C) Remote Control Storage Pocket
D) Exhaust Fan
E) 4 Speed Control Switch
F) Change Brush Rotation Switch
G) Brush Start/Stop Switch

H) Power Switch Circut Breaker
Power On Light
I ) Grounded Power Cord
J ) Brush Cable Connector
K ) Remote Control
L ) Cable
M ) 18” Flex-E-Bristle Brush, Standard Black Bristles



Air-Care warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Components listed below are excluded from this two year period and are covered for periods described below:

Motor:  1 Year
Circuit Board & Remote:  1 Year
Cable Assembly:  90 Days
Brush Assembly:   No Warranty

Warranty covers both parts and labor (labor is to be performed at Air-Care’s facility located at 3868 E. Post Road, Las Vegas, Nevada).

Warranty is extended to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

This warranty does not extend to any damage to a product caused by or attributable to freight damage, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage. Warranty is also void if the product has been modified or altered in any way.

The purchaser is responsible for the cost of shipping the equipment to Air-Care’s facility for evaluation. If found to be defective and covered by the terms of this warranty, Air-Care will pay FedEx ground shipping charges on the repaired or replaced item back to the purchaser’s location. Any additional expedited service charges for quicker shipping shall be born by the purchaser. If the product or component is not found to be a warranty issue, the purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.

Air-Care is not responsible or liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use of performance of the product; damages with respect to any economic loss, loss of property, loss of revenues or profits, loss of use, or other incidental or consequential damages of whatsoever nature.

The warranty extended hereunder is in lieu of any and all other warranties, and any implied warranties of any type.

This warranty gives you specific rights. These rights and others vary from state to state.

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