Solar Screen Installation Instructions

Before You Begin

Before you begin, gather all the Dual-Lock Pads you received with your solar screen and pair them up by attaching them in pairs with the black sides locking together. It should look like a reverse Oreo cookie sandwich, with the black in the middle and the white on the top and bottom.

Count the number of Dual-Lock Pad pairs you have and determine how many will go on each side of your solar screen so you know how far to space them apart around the perimeter of your solar screen.

Untitled-1-sssusa-step0Step 1

The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface (window glass or window frame) that you’ll be attaching your solar screen to. Use the included alcohol wipes and let the surface dry. Also clean the edge of the solar screen with the alcohol wipes.

step1a-sssusaStep 2

Take a Dual-Lock Pads pair and peel off the clear backing one ONE side and affix it to one corner of the solar screen. Be sure to keep the Dual-Lock Pad about 1/8″ or more from the edge of the screen.

Untitled-1-sssusa-step2Step 3

Remove the clear backing from the other side of the Dual-Lock Pads pair and affix the solar screen corner to the corner of your window glass/frame then repeat steps 2 and 3 working your way around the perimeter of the screen until the entire screen is affixed to the window.

Untitled-3Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the solar screens come with a frame?
    No, the solar screens are frameless. This allows for simple, do-it-yourself installation, cheaper shipping costs and increased versatility. They can be easily installed or un-installed as the seasons change.
  2. How do the solar screens attach to the window?
    Solar Screens can be attached to either the window glass or window frame, depending on your preference. Each solar screen comes with plenty of Easy-Attach Dual-Lock Pads that you attach to the screen and to the window/frame. This allows for exact placement wherever you wish. And don’t worry about the Dual-Lock Pads coming loose – they are specifically designed to endure even the harshest of environments so the solar screen stays put.
  3. Can I attach these to sliding glass doors?
    Yes, you can use these for sliding glass doors. You’ll need ¼” clearance if you want to put them on the outside. If you don’t have the ¼” clearance, you can simply put one on the outside of one door and the other on the inside of the other door – so either way you are good.
  4. What if I live in a high-wind area? Will the screens hold fast?
    We are confident that if the solar screens are installed correctly, they will hold fast even in high wind areas or gusty conditions. However, a simple solution to this perceived problem is to install the solar screens on the inside of your windows. You get the same sun blocking effect, but the screens are safe from harsh weather.
  5. What is the difference between the 80% and 90% solar screens?
    The 80% solar screens block 80% of the sun’s rays, but allow a little bit more visibility than the 90%. Alternatively, the 90% solar screens block 90% of the sun’s rays, but the visibility is less then the 80%. If your main concern is maximum protection, then purchase the 90% solar screen. If visibility is your main concern, then purchase the 80% solar screen.  You can always purchase different screens for different parts of the house. For example, if you have an area of your home that receives maximum exposure to the sun throughout the day (south facing), it might be a good idea to use the 90% on those windows. If, however, you have an area of your home that is minimally exposed to direct sunlight (north facing), you might go with the 80% on those windows.
  6. Will I be able to see out the window? Will others be able to see in the window?
    Both the 80% and 90% solar screens allow visibility from the inside. During the daytime, you will be able to see outside your home just fine, but others cannot see into your home. At night, if the light is on in the room, then the effect is reversed. Solar screens do not offer privacy at night if the light is on inside the room.
  7. What if I have an arched window? How do I measure for that?
    We only cut our solar screens in square/rectangle dimensions. It would be up to you to cut it to match your arch. Here’s how to measure. Simply measure the height of the arch at its highest point in the middle and measure the width along the widest part (probably at the bottom). We will then send you the square/rectangle piece for you to cut to match your arch.