Vent Vac EZ

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The Vent Vac EZ has proven to be a superior vacuum, negative air machine and dryer duct cleaner.

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Product Description

Vent Vac EZ

If you want to get into Dryer Duct/Vent Cleaning, then the Vent Vac EZ is the machine for you. It comes with all the accessories and tools needed to clean dryer vents.

The Vent Vac EZ has proven to be a superior dryer vent cleaning system, vacuum, and negative air machine. Use the Vent Vac for hand vacuuming of return and supply main ducts, pre-cleaning of supply return openings and cleaning up after duct cleaning job is complete.

Part # Picture Product
N/A 8ft Hose
N/A brush Dust Vacuuming Head
N/A Water Vacuuming Head
N/A Online Training Long, Flat Head
N/A Online Training Round Brush
N/A Online Training High Efficiency Reusable Filter
N/A Online Training HEPA Filter

Additional Information

Weight 115
Dimensions 21 x 24 x 40 in
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