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The TruckMaster is the most cost-effective way to turn your carpet cleaning truck mount machine into a powerful air duct cleaning machine in just seconds.

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The TruckMaster is the most cost-effective way to turn your carpet cleaning truck-mount machine into a powerful air duct cleaning machine in just seconds. Now you can easily add air duct cleaning services to your carpet cleaning business and add valuable revenue to your bottom line.

Carpet cleaners love the TruckMaster because it only requires one person to operate and the power and control box has a very small footprint so it doesn’t take up valuable space in the truck.

The TruckMaster combines the power of your truck-mount vacuum with Air-Care’s duct cleaning brush and motor. It has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with your truck-mount machine to maximize duct cleaning power, while saving you time. Free online video training included!

The TruckMaster II is an air duct cleaning machine that connects to a truck-mounted carpet cleaner. It consists of 3 components:

  1. The Duct Cleaning Vacuum Hose/Motor/Brush assembly:
    • Comes standard with the 1.5 Red Hose, 2” inch blue hose is available at an additional cost.
    • The out-runner, brushless motor
    • The flexible steel cable mount between the motor and the hose cuff
    • The electrical power cord and connector
    • The “Flex-E-Bristle Brush” that adjusts for ducts from 4” to 12” in diameter.
    • A “coil and carry” handle strap for easy transport
    • Dust-Damper attachment (see picture)
  2. The power and control box which consists of:
    • 120 Volt to 12 Volt @ 25 Amp DC Power Supply
    • Electronic Control board with IR Remote Decoder, Relay and Control Interface
    • Control Panel with cooling fans, power and control switches and IR Remote Sensor
    • Entire box is water-proof
  3. IR Remote handheld transmitter

NOTE:  Duct opening must be a minimum of 5″ for this brush/motor/hose assembly to fit into opening.

Patent Pending

Feature Specification
Brush Speed 2,000 RPM
Brush Motor Power 1,500 watts, (1.5 to 2.0 HP)
Brush Motor Torque 96 inch ounces
Brush Motor Type Brushless Outrunner, 3 phase
Brush Motor Mount Flexible Steel cable to navigate turns
Brush Motor Size 1.9” Diameter x 3.1” long
Motor Controller 15 VDC, 36 AMP with Servo control input and 5 VDC auxiliary output
Brush Bristles Nylon, replaceable.
Power Cord 3 wire, 16 ga x 15 ft with “Computer Type” grounded socket for TruckMaster Panel
Internal Power Supply Regulated 12 VDC, 25 Amp
Remote Control Infrared handheld with Pocket or belt clip
Uses 9 volt battery (incluced). Dual IR LED transmitters and Dual IR receiver sensors.
Warranty Limited 2 year Workmanship and material Defects

SKU: FG0193

TruckMaster Owner’s Manual

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Additional information

Weight 10.4 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 13.5 × 13.5 in