The Bio Cart 10

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Air-Care’s Bio Cart is the standard by which portable containment carts are measured in the healthcare and clean room environments. Never before have maintenance and construction dust and debris been so easy to contain in hospitals and other sterile environments during required access to the area above the ceilings.

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Product Description

The Bio Cart HEPA 10 provides containment for work on plumbing, electrical wiring, IT computer cables and fiber optic lines above ceiling while capturing contaminates and exhausting clean air into the room.

It is 32” wide x 73” long and only 77” high, the Air-Care Bio Cart 10 will easily fit through most doors and elevators, and the top expands up to 10 feet high to reach the majority of ceilings in commercial or industrial facilities.

There are swivel casters on all 4 corners for navigating virtually all hallways, elevators, and doorways.  With swivels on each wheel, it can be rotated 360° within its own length, so one person can navigate it down long hallways,  around corners and into elevators.

The Bio Cart 10 has a winch hook for easy transport between sites on a transport vehicle with a winch.

For safety and convenience,  front and rear windows allow a single technician to locate the cart visually and avoid running into people, walls or equipment.  Electrical outlets and indirect LED lights are located at the top of the cart for convenience.  A spring loaded hinged pass-through window and a roller cable pass through with heavy bristle allows parts and tools to be given to a technician without opening the door and compromising the negative pressure condition inside the cart. 

Because Air-Care has been in the service business since 1979,  we know that adding the appropriate tools can make a job easier,  so the Bio Cart 10 has the ability to accept a three section extension ladder that fits within the cart for transporting.


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Additional Information

Weight 518
Dimensions 75 x 36 x 86 in

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