Need Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment?

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Air-Care has been a pioneer in the indoor air quality field for over 30 years. We design and manufacture air duct cleaning and decontamination equipment, video inspection cameras and electrostatic air filters. Air-Care’s own service division boasts a formidable list of residential and commercial clients which includes major casinos and resorts, hospitals, offices and manufacturing facilities in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.


Dryer Vent Accessories & Supplies

Air-Care carries a wide variety of duct skipper balls, air duct brushes, and duct hoses and attachments for many dryer vent cleaning professionals. Whether using the forward/reverse air whisk duct ball to 50′ ft hoses to reach the most daunting dryer vent runs in most residential applications.

Air Whisk Duct Ball

Ball - Forward Air Duct Air Whisk

The Forward/Reverse air whisk duct ball is used to blow debris from hvac ducts without getting hung up on duct work.

4" Dryer Duct Brush

Brush 4 inch dryer duct FG0072

The 4″ duct brush is the most common brush used in the dryer vent duct cleaning process.

Nest Claw


The nest claw is used to remove bird’s nests and other tangled debris in dryer vents.

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Dryer Vent Brush Kits

Dryer vent brushes are the mainstay of the duct cleaning industry, they are the primary remover of dust, grime, and debris in hvac air ducts. Many of our high quality duct cleaning brushes are made of bristles that last a long time, and quality machined pieces ensure that the bristles never come apart on a job.

Drill Powered Cable

Drill Powered Cable - drill holder and foot pedal-drill-holder1_2

The most affordable way to get started in the dryer vent cleaning business, and only needs a hand powered drill.

Air Whisk


The next step in dryer vent cleaning is using an air compressor and contact cleaning.

Cleaning Cable w/ 4" Brush


Get the standard 35′ ft hose and duct cleaning brush in the mainstay of the dryer vent cleaning industry.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Packages

Our dryer vent cleaning packages are the most comprehensive value on the market today. With all the equipment you could need to tackle a wide variety of residential and dryer vent cleaning jobs. Our dryer vent duct cleaning packages come with all the support and training you need to be effective in marketing and completing residential dryer vent duct jobs.

Vent Vac EZ

The Vent Vac EZ is the most versatile vacuum on the market to clean out and vacuum dryer vent ducts and other light/medium duty service jobs.

Dryer Vent EZ


The Dryer Vent EZ has everything that the Vent Vac EZ comes with but also includes the dryer vent attachment to clean residential dryer vents too.

Vent Vac III


The best bang for the buck, the Vent Vac III is the powerhouse in the dryer vent cleaning department, there is no dryer vent that can’t be cleaned with the Vent Vac III


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