Bio Carts


Introducing the world’s most innovative mobile dust containment unit, BIO CART, for clean room environments, featuring powered assisted bellows. Especially useful for hospitals, electrical contractors, and IT professionals who need to access the space above ceilings without contaminating the room nor space around it. 

The BIO CART is the only containment cart on the market with a host of unique and impressive features plus all the standard ones! Never before has the dust and debris caused by routine maintenance been so easy to contain. Simply put, it’s a better cart with comparable pricing!

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What are the applications? 

The Bio Cart is used when the integrity of the indoor air is at risk of being compromised during any of the following activities:

  • Communications / IT Cabling Projects
  • Plumbing installation and maintenance
  • Clean room alterations and maintenance
  • Pneumatic tubing installation and maintenance
  • Asbestos inspection and abatement activities
  • HVAC installation and maintenance
  • Electrical systems installation and maintenance
  • Firewall repair and fire inspection
  • Light fixture re-lamping and ballast replacement


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  • The Bio Cart 10

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    Air-Care’s Bio Cart HEPA 10 is 32” wide x 73” long and only 77” high, easily fits through most doors and elevators, and the top expands up to 10 feet high to reach the majority of ceilings in commercial or industrial facilities.

    Size Fully Extended: 73″ L x 32″ W x 120″ H (inches)

    Weight: 400 lbs

    Cable Pass Through: Cable feed though with 4 rollers and a heavy bristle air seal.

    Top Lifting Mechanism: Power lift with foam seal at top, for ceilings from 7 ft to 10 ft 2 inches high.

    Bellows: Fire retardant black and yellow vinyl that is 3 inches high when collapsed

    Air Scrubber Fan: 880 CFM @ 300 Watt – 62 Db at max speed with variable speed control capable changes per minute.

    Filtration: Permanent and washable electrostatic pre-filter. Carbon odor absorber pad. 99.97% 

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  • The Bio Cart 13 LT

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    The Bio Cart 13LT HEPA-UVC/UVGI provides containment for work on plumbing, electrical wiring, IT computer cables and fiber optic lines above ceiling while capturing contaminates and exhausting clean air into the room. It is 32” wide x 73” long and only 77” high. 

    Fully Extended Size: 73 L 32 W 158 inches

    Weight: 445 lbs with ladder, tool box and all air scrubber filters installed.

    Top Lifting Mechanism: power lift with 2 motors & foam seal at top, for ceilings from 7 ft to 13 ft 2 inches high.

    Bellows: Fire retardant black and yellow vinyl that is 3 inches high when collapsed and 90 inches extended.

    Filtration: Permanent and washable electrostatic Pre-filter. Carbon odor absorber pad. 99.97% 0.3 micron HEPA.

    Ladder: 15 ft. fiberglass 3 section extension ladder 6 ft closed that Meets OSHA requirements for electrical safety and Class A rated for 300 lbs.

    10″ Android tablet with the proprietary Air-Care app, allows wireless control of the Bio Cart. ON/OFF touch control for interior LED lighting, exterior LED amber and blue lighting, UV light, blower, IN USE LIGHT, bellows up and down. When the blower is active you can also view real-time air pressure.

    A spring-loaded hinged pass-through window and a roller cable pass through with heavy bristle allows parts and tools to be given to a technician without opening the door and compromising the negative pressure condition inside the cart.



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