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Air compressors play an important role in air duct cleaning. Use an air compressor with your sidewinder or air whisk to clean the inside of air ducts with powered air. Air-Care provides several types of high-quality air compressors that will make cleaning air ducts fast and efficient. From 2HP all the way up to 8HP air compressors our lineup of compressors has the power you need for any duct cleaning job.  Give us a phone call at 1-800-4545-5515 to place your order.

  • Air Hose 3/8 inch X 50 ft

    50’ of 3/8” dia. high visibility PVC non-scuff hose with quick connectors. This heavy duty hose is rated at 300 PSI working pressure. The Sidewinder and other air-powered devices can be operated several hundred feet from the compressor. Long lengths of hose will act like auxiliary air storage and do not generally impair equipment performance. Includes (1) male & (1) female quick disconnect fittings.

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  • 2 HP Compressor Accessory Kit

    Includes 3 Air Hoses and 1 Forward & Reverse Air Whisk

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  • 8 HP & 12.5 Compressor Accessory Kit

    Includes 3 Air Hoses and 1 Sidewinder Hose Assembly

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  • 2 HP Air Compressor

    This 115 volt compressor is the perfect companion for the Forward and Reverse Air Whisk since it plugs into a standard 15 amp electrical outlet. Provides 125 P.S.I. at 6 CFM. It does not provide sufficient pressure or flow for the Sidewinder, but will work well for cleaning coils, blowers etc. and using the power air nozzle. 6 CFM, 115 volt 60 hertz

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  • 8 HP Portable Compressor (Gas)

    If you require the smallest, lightest package that will deliver 175 P.S.I. two-stage performance at 14 CFM for the Sidewinder, Air Trigger Nozzle, Power Air Nozzle and Air Whisk, this 8 HP GASOLINE POWERED air compressor is ideal. The recoil start, 8 HP gasoline engine is mounted on stable maneuverable two-wheel frame that fits easily in a standard size van with the negative air machines.

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  • 12.5 HP Compressor Truck Mount (Gas)

    This ruggedly built 25.1 CFM TWO STAGE COMPRESSOR will provide a sufficient supply of 175 P.S.I. air to obtain the highest level of performance from all Air-Care Equipment requiring compressed air, including the Sidewinder Duct Cleaner. The 12.5 H.P. gasoline engine is a standard in the industry. This truck mounted package is equipped with a 12 volt starter and charging system that can be connected to the vehicles electrical system or fitted with its own 12 volt battery (battery & cables not included).

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