Written Quotes for Commercial Work

Written Quotes for Commercial Work

by Wayne Tracy
wayneOnce you’ve decided on what you’re going to quote a customer for a commercial project, the next step is to contact the customer with your quote. I’ve written many times about maintaining a professional image while on a job site, in your vehicle, or in your office, this is equally important.

Anything you can do to make yourself look more professional than your competitor can only improve your chances of landing that big (or small) commercial job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man shop or have multiple trucks on the road; professionalism should always be first on your mind.

What would you want to receive; a phone call with a quoted amount or a phone call and a professionally prepared written quote for work you wanted done? I seldom call a commercial customer with a quote. I’ll always attempt to make an appointment to hand deliver and explain the quote to the customer.

If you simply call, fax or e-mail you do not get the chance to overcome any objections the customer may have and not express to you. Not to mention this is just another step in setting yourself aside from your competitors.

The following is a list of items you want to include in your quote:

  • Price
  • Description of all work to be performed
  • Location of work – be sure if you are only doing part of a building that you fully describe the areas the work is to be performed in.
  • The number of days you expect the job to take.
  • Details on your companies insurance (Liability, Auto & Workers Comp). Some commercial companies may have special requirements over and above you current coverage – these additional costs should be passed on.
  • Add on items (scissor lifts, forklifts, or other special equipment) and their costs.
  • The hours of the day the work will be performed.
  • A time limit on the quote (normally 30 days is best).

This is a representative list of what will normally be required. If there are any other requirements, be sure they are listed also. On some complex jobs, I’ve had quotes with multiple pages. Just be sure you cover everything here so you and your customer have no surprises or unexpected costs.

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