Why Cleaning Air Ducts is Not Your Most Important Skill

Why Cleaning Air Ducts is Not Your Most Important Skill

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One of the things I always tell new people that get involved with our company is that learning how to clean air systems is pretty easy. If no one ever told you how to do it you would probably figure it out after doing a few jobs and making some mistakes. But in the end, you would get it.

I am not suggesting this approach; training is very important and gets you up to speed very quickly.  The only point I am trying to make is knowing how to do the work, in my opinion, is not the most important thing to learn. What good is it to be the best air system cleaner if you don’t have a customer to offer your service to? The weak link in most small businesses is their lack of ability to market there products or services.

Establishing the proper value for your service is just as important as finding the right customers. The sell price that you offer your customers must be fair to both parties. If you under sell the value of your service then you won’t be around long. If you over-charge, you could have the same results.

At Air Care, we offer 30 years worth of experience related to these issues and share them with you in many ways. If you have not taken advantage of our training consider doing so; it could improve the way you do business and add to your bottom line.

The US Department of Commerce states that most small business fail due to lack of capitalization and not understanding the business they are in. We have addressed these two problems at Air Care and have helped many businesses overcome them.

I hope this has been helpful.

Richard Papaleo

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