When Technical Issues Arise

When Technical Issues Arise

How to get your technical issues addressed
by Melanie Sands, Customer Service

Have you ever wondered what to do if something is not working just right with your equipment?  Well, we have an in-house technical support department that is here just for that purpose.

When you call in you will speak to Eddie Rivera, who has been with Air-Care for over 10 years and is very knowledgeable with all the equipment that Air-Care manufactures now and also in the past.

Additionally, Randy has been with us almost 1 year and is becoming an expert at what is needed to repair your equipment. They are here to help you with the best service and technical support possible.

When you call in, Eddie will need the following information: your name, phone number, company name, equipment description, model and serial number, and description of the problem with the equipment.  Please be as detailed as possible with your problem description and try to be near the equipment you are having a problem with when you call for troubleshooting.

We do everything in our power to help you repair the equipment over the phone, saving you the cost of shipping the equipment back to us.  If there is no other option but sending it in, you will be assigned an RMA # (return material authorization), it is very important to reference this number on your shipment to us and when calling in with questions regarding this equipment.

Once we receive your product back, we quickly try and determine the issue and what is needed for repairs. You will be contacted and kept up to date on anything we find.  On average, returns are evaluated, repaired, and reshipped to you within 2-3 business days.

While we hope you do not run into any problems requiring the need of our technical department, we want you to feel confident that we understand those rare instances happen and we are on hand to help you overcome them.

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