Website for Your Service Business

Website for Your Service Business

Update: We no longer offer this service.

We all know how powerful a tool advertising on the internet is. How many times have you gone to the internet to look up a company or search for something you wanted to buy?

You should assume that your customers and/or prospects are doing the same. If you don’t have a website, you may be missing out on potential business that your competitors are picking up.

Having a website is both a good business decision and also a very reasonable way to advertise. You can spend money on pay-per-click programs with Google or Yahoo or you can just try to optimize your website to get good placement on the “organic” side.

laptopEither way, you control the amount of money you spend and, after monitoring, can adjust accordingly. It can be a nearly instant payback, and with time and effort can be very rewarding in the long run as well.

Because we clean air ducts locally as well, we have our own service division website. Buddy (our Internet Marketing Manager) has worked hard and long to get this to the first page of searches for our local market. We now get a significant amount of requests for quotes daily for our duct cleaning service.

We are now having him work on a scheduling program, so once the customer gets their quote they can actually schedule their own appointment. If you would like to look at our website, it is

Our website has been very well received and, when checking our competitor’s websites in our area, have found that it is one of the most in-depth and educational websites in our market.

We offer websites for you also. To read all about it, go to and watch the informational video on the home page.

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