Wayne’s Service Tips – The Service Call

Wayne’s Service Tips – The Service Call

The Service Call – Part 1
The Introduction and Inspection

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression”.  No matter how many times you hear it, or how tired you are of hearing it; “IT’S TRUE”!!

wayne with truckIn the few moments it takes to drive in a customer’s driveway, walk up to the door, and greet the customer they are sizing you and your company up.  The impression your vehicle, you, and your helper portray in those few moments sets the tone for the whole job.

The greeting at the door is going to determine how comfortable that customer will feel with you working in their home for the duration of the job.  Which of the following would you want to hear if your were the homeowner?

Good Morning Mrs. Jones, my name is Wayne and I’m here from Air-Care to do the duct cleaning in your home today, this is my assistant John”.  (Maintain eye contact, be upbeat but polite, and speak with confidence)


I’m from Air-Care and I have to do your ducts today”.  (Looking off to the side, sounds like he just woke up and doesn’t really want to be there)

I’m sure it’s obvious whom you would want in your home.  No matter how you feel or how bad a day you’re having, don’t make it worse by getting off on the wrong foot with your customer.

Once you’ve greeted your customer ask for permission to enter their home.  Upon entering quickly look around and offer the customer a compliment, again you are trying to develop a rapport with the customer and make them feel comfortable with you.  Make sure your compliments are tasteful and polite.

Very nice home Mrs. Jones it appears to be very comfortable
NOT – Nice place what did it cost?
Very interesting artwork – it fits the design of your home perfectly
NOT – Nice vase, what’s it worth?

Most people are proud of their homes and possessions and like to hear compliments.  But, they don’t want to feel like your casing the place and they will detect the difference between sincerity and fakeness.  When you say it, really mean it.

At the end of this article you will see a copy of our SERVICE CHECKLIST.  This form has a section and place for signature of a Pre-Clean and Post-Clean check of the home.  We require it to be completed by the service technician on every job.  Rather than give a lengthy explanation please read through it and I’m sure it will be self-explanatory.  (If you would like a copy in word format to incorporate in your own service department just e-mail me at wtracy@air-care.com).

checkmarkWith clipboard in hand and a copy of the Service Checklist ask the customer to give you a tour of their home.  Again, you’re taking steps to make the customer feel good about you working in their home.  The purpose of the tour is to make sure there is no pre-existing damage in the home or to the furnishings.  You’re also looking for delicate objects – vases, figurines, etc, that you may want the homeowner to move for you.

During this tour go to each thermostat and make sure that the heat and AC are working on each system.  If not make a note on the checklist and have the customer sign off on the problem.  You don’t want to be held responsible for a problem if it was pre-existing.

After the tour, give the customer a brief explanation of the procedures and equipment you will be using to do the job.  There usually is no need to get into extreme details, just a quick overview.  As we all know the service we offer is somewhat invasive to a customer with all the equipment, ladders, hoses and tools we need to bring into the home to properly do the job.  By explaining in advance, the customer will be somewhat prepared for the performance of the work and not overwhelmed by the process.

All of these steps probably seems like an eternity, but in reality should not take much more than 10 minutes on a normal sized home.  Regardless, it will be time well spent and should save time in the overall time it takes to do the job.

Like it or not we are each individually “The master of our own destiny”.  Always put your best foot forward and make sure you represent yourself and your company in the best image possible.

In the next issue of this newsletter I will discuss the steps of Duct Cleaning, both Contact Cleaning and Negative Air Duct Cleaning.

Download Service Checklist [pdf]

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