Wayne’s Service Tips – Subcontracting

Wayne’s Service Tips – Subcontracting

by Wayne Tracy
wayneYou do not have to rely solely on homeowners and businesses calling you directly for duct cleaning services.  There’s another source of business out there just waiting for you to knock on their door.  It’s other contractors who need duct cleaning done as part of the work they are providing homeowners and business properties.

These contractors, like you are always looking for other income opportunities or ways to help their existing customers.  By offering them your duct cleaning services at a discount price they are able to sell their customers this service and profit by doing so.  The advantage for you is you do not have to spend advertising dollars to get these customers.  Simply establish these relationships and provide quality services to their customers.

Listed below are contractors and companies you should contact:

HVAC Companies – They are servicing and replacing heating and cooling systems on a daily basis.

Restoration Companies – They are providing services to clean up disasters such as fire, flood, or contamination.  Insurance companies will typically work directly with restoration companies and require them to provide or subcontract duct cleaning services.

Property Management Companies – They take care of residential and commercial properties for the owner.  They are alerted by building occupants and it is their responsibility to provide building services.

Housekeeping and Janitorial Companies – They are in buildings on a regular basis to keep them clean. Having a duct cleaning company to subcontract work to can help them be more profitable.

Larger Mechanical Companies – These companies install and renovate systems in larger commercial buildings.  It is not uncommon for them to have specs requiring air duct cleaning on large projects.

Real Estate Agencies – When they sell properties they are sometimes in need of duct cleaning services at a buyer’s request.

Hygienists – These individuals test buildings for air quality problems and need to have contacts with duct cleaning companies.

Virtually any company that provides services to residential and commercial properties is a potential source of job referrals.  It should be a constant effort on your part to reach out to these customers to offer your services.  Don’t expect a job on your first contact – you’re building a relationship for future work when the need arises.

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