Wayne’s Service Tips – Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Wayne’s Service Tips – Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

wayneWe hear over and over again from air-duct cleaning contractors that commercial projects are too big or complicated to take on.  We feel the bigger the better, and believe me it is very true.  What would you rather retrieve from your mailbox a $300.00 check or a $3,000.00 or even a $30,000.00 check?  I’m sure the answer is obvious to everyone.

While there are more requirements and obstacles to overcome on a commercial project, you simply charge to overcome them.  If larger or more duct cleaning equipment is needed the cost of this will usually be recovered from the profits of the job.  If you do not have enough employees or you work alone, don’t worry about it – just contact a temporary employment agency.

If you’re concerned about your abilities and level of knowledge in doing a large job, don’t let that be an obstacle.  We have been providing commercial service in the Las Vegas Market for almost 30 years; we’ll walk you through the quoting and steps of the job from beginning to end.  We’ve done commercial work valued at $300 to almost $300,000 over the years, and never blink an eye at how large a project may be.  As I said earlier the bigger the job the better.

In many cases large commercial jobs can be as simple as a lot of house style systems under one roof.  When a large office building has multiple air handling systems they usually are as easy to do as a house.  It just means that you may have 5, 10, 20 or more house systems all under one roof.  It’s a lot easier to drive to one location and do a multi- system building than drive all over the city to get 5 or 10 house jobs.

Larger commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. may not hire you to do the whole building at one time.  But, they do need contractors to take care of parts of the building as problems arise.  Some may only contact you once a year or so to provide duct-cleaning services, but you want to be their contractor of choice.  If you’re not, someone else will be.  Be sure you contact and stay in touch with the building engineering department so they know you exist.

The next time you’re asked to bid on a commercial project don’t be afraid to at least take a hard look at it. Once you do a few jobs I’m sure you’ll agree that it is not as difficult as it first appears.  And, remember we are always here to support you in these projects.

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