The Secret to Big Money

The Secret to Big Money

We recently held a webinar (a couple of them actually) where we gave information on the procedures and marketing of air duct cleaning.

One of the most important aspects of any service business is to get in front of the customer and sell them on why they should choose you over your competitor.

Air-Care has been in the business of duct cleaning for over 25 years.  We pride ourselves on being the best duct cleaner in Las Vegas.  In saying that, it really doesn’t matter how good we are if we cannot get a customer.  We have tried every media for advertising over all these years with successes and failures.

I want to share with you the one advertising technique that worked great and gave us our highest closing ratios.  We did a direct mail piece that offered “Free Video Inspection” of duct system. “No Obligation”.  This was a perfect way to get in front of the customer and show them the air ducts and how dirty they were.

It was a “no brainer” sale when the customer would see the dirt built up in their duct system.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to sample a couple of ducts and record it.  We had a closing ratio of over 70%.

This does increase your cost of the job, but it also increases your gross sales.

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