The President’s Corner

The President’s Corner

Happy Valentine’s Day…I hope all of you had a great day. As I am writing this message we have 13 new people here for training from all over the USA. It is uplifting to see the excitement they are showing about getting started in this new service business.

Some of you may have seen our first webinar (How to get started in the Air System Cleaning Business). It was fun to do and we got over two hundred people from all over the world signing up for the event.

We plan to have many more of these webinars covering many subjects related to our industry. This is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with our customers and offer additional training and introduction to new products. We are currently designing the subjects and will be contacting all of you with the schedules.

Most of you have received notice about our new product, Roxy the odor control product. This will be a great item since you can reactivate it and it will have an extended life. The consumer will love that feature.

In the next few weeks you will be contacted again about some more new products that will knock your socks off. I can hardly wait to introduce them to you.

We are also developing a program dealing with marketing your service in your local area to help you get more work, so stay tuned. Well that’s enough teasing for now.

Thanks for your trust in us and we really appreciate being your partners in this great industry. Talk to you next month.

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