The President’s Corner – September 2009

The President’s Corner – September 2009

As you all know the month of August is a big vacation month and guess what? My wife and I and our two small dogs went on a vacation in our motor home to South Dakota. You might be asking, “Why South Dakota?” Well most of you have heard of Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial – if you haven’t, Google them.

It was our first time to SD and it is very beautiful – lots of mountains and great panoramic views. It is hard to put into words the enormous undertaking these two projects represent; you can only appreciate them by seeing them in person.

crazy horseWe read the literature about who did this and how this was all done and it is fascinating, but the thing that made it equally exciting for me was the dedication it took to make this happen. The vision and passion it took to even start such projects is mind blowing.

On our long drive home (days) all I could think about was this: if we all had a little more of their vision and determination, imagine the greatness we all could achieve. Like all successful entrepreneurs these same virtues are needed. Crazy Horse Memorial was started by one person over 60 years ago and it’s not even half way done.

So when you feel down or think the task ahead of you is too great, think of what these magnificent accomplishments took to create. By the way, both of these memorials produce serious profits.

If you get a chance I recommend a trip to see them.

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