The Art of the Add-on

The Art of the Add-on

Well let me start by wishing you a happy 2010 and a lot of success in your business.

Success is measured in many ways and the most important is making sales. In any business there is one type of sale that brings the most profit, a single sales activity that can make the greatest difference in your company’s profitability. Not taking advantage of this all-important sales opportunity will cost you thousands of dollars. The sale is called “up-sell”or “add on” sales.

The reason this type of sale is so profitable is because you have already invested in the cost of acquiring and servicing this client. You have already paid for the gas and the wear and tear on you and your equipment.

Therefore, anything that is added to the already sold service is extremely profitable. How simple it is to make these sales is going to shock you.

1. Just mention it
2. Use presentation materials
3. Show them the product
4. Explain the benefits

That’s all it takes; but you must do it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results and wonder why you didn’t start this a long time ago.

Selling is a very simple process all you need to do is be sure you “Find A Need And Fill It”. Your services and products absolutely meet that standard. So grow your business and make a lot of people happy they found you.

Suggested up-sell products and services:

1. Electrostatic Air Filter
2. Kool-Wrap Condenser Filter
3. UVC Lights Air Purifier
4. Dryer Vent Alarm
5. Ultra Odor Kill Solid
6. CleanBreeze Aerosol (new)
7. Ozone Machine
8. Duct Sealing (Soot Set)
9. Sanitizer (Soporicidin)
10. Coil Cleaning
11. Video Inspection
12. Duct Leakage Testing

See You Next Month

Richard Papaleo

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