Summer Time is Busy Time

Summer Time is Busy Time

Here we are in the middle of the year with temperatures up and many people on vacation. This is prime time for our industry and work seems to come in at a higher rate. Our filter business is brisk and growing which means you are selling more of them, so thank you for that effort.

I usually tell you about products we are creating and getting ready to introduce to you but this time I want to share with you something different.

We have been investigating new accounting and manufacturing systems for over 6 months trying to find the perfect program for our size company. We just completed this process and have purchased a new and improved software program.

You ask what does that have to do with me? Well it makes a big difference to you it will help use have more control over all our business functions and improve the direct ordering process you have come to enjoy. Any time you can do something faster with a high degree of accuracy and have forward-looking visibility, everyone wins.

We are just getting started with implementation and it will take a few months to complete. It should be seamless to you but where there are new features you need to know about, you will advised.

Every thing we do is to make us a first-class company and offer the best products at the best price and this is only one of the efforts to continue that process.

Have a great summer.


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