Subcontracting Opportunities

Subcontracting Opportunities

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity
by Wayne Tracy, Operations Manager

Wayne TracyWhat if you could have a sales force selling your services with no payroll or employee costs?  There’s a golden opportunity in your market just waiting to be tapped.  This opportunity exists with existing contractors in your market, many of which you may already know.

These contractors are in businesses and homes everyday selling their products and/or services and are always looking for a way to add additional revenue to their bottom line.  If you could offer them an opportunity to create additional income with little or no expense, they will probably listen.

There are a few approaches to consider; one is to seek referrals for your company or the more beneficial to the contractor and you is to offer your services at a slight discount to the contractor.  He can then sell your service and make a profit for his company.  You could also consider a referral fee if a referral results in a sale.  If you’re going to pay referral fees you have to be careful that you do not overpay and you must keep an accurate record of sales.

I’ve found the easiest and most profitable way is to offer residential services to the contractor at a reduced price, do the job, and bill the contractor.  He then bills his customer; this keeps the transaction accurate and simple.

For commercial jobs I’ll usually ask the subcontractor to turn the whole project over to us, so we have full control of the project.  When I quote the work I’ll negotiate a referral fee with the subcontracting company and pay him when the job is completed and we’re paid.

Whatever option you choose, start searching out these contractors and get the additional business. There is very little expense involved in obtaining this type of work.  Once you build a relationship, be sure you take good care of their customer so you’re sure to get the continued business from this contractor.
Below is a list of contractors to start contacting right away:

  • REMEDIATION COMPANIES:  Fire, Smoke, &  Water Damage – Mold & Other

Click here to view a sample letter you may want to use.  Also keep in mind we have several brochures available in either a generic form or with private labeling.

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