Sluggish Economy, Booming Industry

Sluggish Economy, Booming Industry

Can you believe it? We are half way through the year! How time flies when you are having fun. At Air-Care, that is what we try to do every day. You need to have a passion for what you do, and if you do, time is something you just don’t have enough of.

You need to be a master at multi-tasking; most small business owners learn that early on. We are making improvements every day on our method of doing daily tasks and at the same time developing new and improved products.

A lot of the equipment changes come from your input and our field testing. It’s a lot like polishing a rock. It just gets better over time. One of the recent decisions was to bring back our Cobra Brush system. It will be called the Cobra 5 and will be a lot lighter in weight and have some great features. We plan to have them ready by the end of July so look for our email notices and catalog update.

Even though the economy is still struggling to grow, we find that our industry is doing well. In fact we have been hireing new people to help us keep up with the demand and continue our world class customer support. So Mr. Obama, we are doing our part – now it’s your turn. Let’s grow our economy and keep people working.

See you next month.

Richard Papaleo

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