Service is Selling, Selling is Service

When selling to your customers, you want to make them feel alright

So they’ll purchase your services with oh so much delight

But the best way to sell is to offer outstanding service

They’ll feel so comfortable and you won’t make them nervous.

Service is Selling, Selling is Service

Your competition doesn’t know how to serve them well

But your customers are keen and can almost always tell

The company that focuses on offering the best service

From the guy that wants nothing more then forcing them to make a purchase.

Service is Selling, Selling is Service

Serve your customer well and sales will naturally flow

But start with selling instead of serving and empty handed you will go.

Your customers will be delighted, they’ll be sure to tell their friends

But your competitor who only sells will be forced to make amends.

Service is Selling, Selling is Service

So think about our rhyme every time you want to make a dime

Serve before you sell and be sure to do it well

If you forget and only sell

Your customers might tell you to go to heck.

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