Selling Value Over Price

Selling Value Over Price

How to overcome pricing objections
by Paul Clark, Service Manager

Paul ClarkAir duct cleaners know that they need to sell their service’s quality to their prospects over price. When a potential customer asks what the price will be, it’s important to answer this question with confidence, which will give your prospect peace of mind.

“How much will this cost?” Every prospect is going to ask this question. They will go back and forth with this. This is where the decision is made and when the prospect will either give you the go ahead to move forward with the sale or say no.

Don’t feel uncomfortable talking about price with prospects and be scared that the price you quote may be too high for their liking. You can unknowingly lose confidence in your communication with the prospect. At this point the prospect will often pick up on this.

I have learned that you need to explain your services confidently before revealing the price. When you have not determined your prospect’s pain or found a resolution to their need, how can your services help them? The price will always be a problem to overcome unless you have the least expensive quote.

The way to respond to this is to show the value before you discuss price. The problem is that most air duct cleaners do not get this across to the customer which means that they lose the sale. The most common mistake in sales is to be in a hurry. Take your time explain your services with confidence and when you give your prospect the quote – be confident.

Be patient when explaining the value to your prospect because it may take some time for them to understand. You need to be able to show the services that you are offering are worth the cost.
Do not discuss price too soon because everything you explain will seem like you are trying to justify the cost. When you explain how your services will help your prospects, then your price will be justified.

Always remember, there is a big difference between cost and value. Selling to commercial prospects is no different. Show your prospect the value and worth of your company and services and price will not be an issue.

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